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Reducing Holiday Stress – Unwanted Guests

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Ever have those stressful holiday guests who always seem to invite themselves to stay at “Chez You” at this time of year.

You know the ones. You don’t share anything in common, their ways of living, use/abuse of your home, and maybe even their very values seem to be at polar opposite to yours and every second they are there causes you stress.

Tip #3 – Say No to Stressful Holiday Guests

This year SAY NO. Pre-empt their invite by asking them what hotel they are staying at. Even give some suggestions. Be kind, be helpful, but be firm about looking forward to seeing them at whatever holiday event is planned. You’ll breathe a big sigh of relief for doing so.

What about the guests you invite to your holiday party, only out of some sense of obligation, even though you don’t want them there? Your relationship is not strong and you know them being there will be a bad situation for any number of reasons.

Take a moment and check in with how you want your event to be for you and your guests. Stay true to creating the experience you desire and say no to stressful holiday guests when it is right to do so. If you cannot and the experience you want is not likely to occur then maybe its time to rethink having the party in the first place.

You have the power within to create the holiday season experience you truly want. Surround yourself with the positive, aligned people that will support you in doing so this year.

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Enjoy all the holiday season has to offer!

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