Discover your work-life balance

It starts with personal development.

By identifying your life goals and dreams, you will find your direction forward. One Wave Life’s personal development courses, one-on-one coaching, and group mentoring programs can change your life.

Brent Haydey

Mentor & Life Coach

How do you transition from feeling stuck and uncertain, to living your dream and having a thriving lifestyle? We all want the freedom to live our best life. A calming influence amid the chaos of turbulent waters, Brent Haydey will help you embrace the value of living family-first, while balancing the success of your personal and professional goals.

“I’ll teach you why “just keep swimming” only works for so long, and how to enjoy a new approach to work and life.”

– Brent Haydey

Brent Haydey, Life Coach

Realizing Your Life Goals

You can get your life back, the life that really matters to you, by creating a wave of change. This wave will deliver increased time, energy, freedom, and focus. Join a community of peer mentors on the same path as you!

Personal Development Courses & Our Mentorship Program

Are you overworked, stressed, and burned-out? Success doesn’t have to come at the cost of your loved ones or your health. Designed to provide a clear understanding to develop unique personal strategies and processes you can confidently integrate into your life; One Wave Life will empower you to:

  • Nurture your relationships
  • Set boundaries and control your schedule
  • Be the best version of you
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Thrive at work and at home
“Brent’s assistance in helping me to create an action plan that would work specifically for me really helped me to take the first most difficult steps in making positive changes in my life.”
– Jen A.
“So many times, we get focused on the end result.  Brent has helped me see that what I learn along the journey is almost always more important.”
– Jeff M.
“The most exciting benefit from the coaching was the immediate identification of a personal negative belief system that I didn’t even realize existed!”
– Sue M.

Self-improvement starts with you

Are you ready to make meaningful change while growing a thriving business? Seize your work-life balance now. Our self-development articles, curated by Brent Haydey, explore innovative and effective ways to start living your ideal life.

Start Here With One Wave Life

Start Here With One Wave Life

Hello and welcome to One Wave Life! If you’ve been a part of our community then you’ll easily see that One Wave Life is the natural evolution of Entrepreneurial Freedom, our former brand. If you’re new here then let me start by saying One Wave Life ideally reflects...

The One Wave Lifestyle

The One Wave Lifestyle

To be the best version of you every day in every part of your world is to live The One Wave Lifestyle. Being happy and healthy while fully embracing your ideal life; not merely enduring it is to live The One Wave Lifestyle. It's a mindset, a way of being, a way of...

7 Waves of Real Success

7 Waves of Real Success

Achieving success! Isn’t that at the very heart of what you want and a big part of why you do the work you do? It’s the thing we all want in our lives, right? But, are you clear on what real success is to you and are you taking the much needed steps to achieve it and...