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Navigate the challenges of business ownership and work-life balance under Brent Haydey’s expert guidance.

Brent Haydey, Ideal Life Architect

What does a One Wave Life Edmonton Life Coach do? We provide a calm sanctuary of clarity amidst the turbulent seas of business ownership and complicated lives. With our unique combination of private mentoring and a nurturing community, you will experience a haven of support, learning, and growth.

Our approach empowers you to not only propel your ventures to new heights but also rediscover the joy of a balanced life and fulfilling personal journeys.

Spearheaded by Ideal Life Architect, Mentor and Coach, Brent Haydey, our aim is to delve into the heart of the challenges faced by business owners—lack of time, unclear vision and direction, and limited freedom to focus on what matters most at work and at home. 

Our Services

Unlock the Full Spectrum for Professional and Personal Growth

Private Mentor & Coaching Support

Journey beyond typical business coaching with a focus tailored to you, the business owner. Unveil a realm of new found freedom through our unique blend of teaching, mentoring, and coaching. Experience a harmonious balance between your business success and personal joy and fulfillment.

One Wave Global Community Membership

Immerse in a community finely tuned to the rhythm of business owners. Engage in transformative discussions, gain insightful coaching, and access a myriad of resources in the One Wave Academy. Ride the wave of each interaction towards a thriving business and a life you love.

Overcome Your Stormy Seas

Get Your Life Back

Isn’t it time to get your life back so you can grow a thriving business while also living a life you love? Let’s ride wave after wave together towards the success you want. With our support you can change your life!

Our Core Specialties

Elevate Every Facet of Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Edmonton Life Coach - Core Specialty - Vision Values & Purpose Alignment

Vision, Values & Purpose Alignment

Establish clear direction as you align with a business narrative that resonates and propels you towards your entrepreneurial dreams.

Edmonton Life Coach - Core Specialty - Time Management and Productivity

Time Management and Productivity

Master your time, boost productivity, and accomplish more with strategic time management techniques tailored for business owners.

Edmonton Life Coach - Core Specialty - Strategic Goal Setting and Planning

Strategic Goal Setting and Planning

Transcend traditional goal setting with strategic planning that aligns with your vision, driving meaningful progress and success.

Edmonton Life Coach - Core Specialty - Personal & Professional Development and Growth

Personal & Professional Development and Growth

Propel your personal and professional growth with tailored strategies, nurturing a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Stress Management and Resilience Building

Cultivate resilience and manage stress effectively, ensuring a robust foundation for overcoming business and life challenges.

Edmonton Life Coach - Core Specialty - Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance, Health & Happiness

Harmonize your professional pursuits and personal aspirations, fostering a balanced lifestyle that delivers success, joy, and connection.

Voices of Change

Hear From Our Clients

Amazing Edmonton coach and mentor, Brent speaks to the heart and makes you re think the way you balance your life. I had the opportunity to attend his last two... read more

Brandon Phillips Avatar Brandon Phillips

If you are a business owner, likely you’ve had days where you’ve felt overwhelmed and wonder if all of the stress is worth it. Brent Haydey has the ability... read more

Northern Lights Appraisals Avatar Northern Lights Appraisals

Brent with Entrepreneurial Freedom can help you find your own Freedom with a work life balance that truly resonates with me. If your business is taking up all your time... read more

Jechua Salvador Avatar Jechua Salvador

Your Compass To Balanced Success

Why Choose One Wave Life

You are choosing a partner dedicated to your holistic success. Our essence lies in crafting strategies and delivering support that resonates with your entrepreneurial spirit and aligns with a harmonious work-life narrative.

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