Discover your work-life balance

Are you overwhelmed by a lack of time and energy for your most important things at work or at home? Do you struggle without a clear sense of direction, vision, or purpose for your business or your life?

Isn’t it time to get your life back so you can grow a thriving business while also living a life you love? With our support you can change your life!

Brent Haydey

Edmonton Mentor & Life Coach

Hi, I’m Brent. I know how difficult transitioning from feeling stuck and overwhelmed, to living your dream can be? It’s not a journey to be done alone. I will be your calming influence amid the chaos of the turbulent waters you will face along the way. Together we’ll work towards the success of your personal and professional goals.

“I’ll help you harness the power within each wave of your life so you can ride one after another towards the calm waters of a thriving business and a life you love.”

– Brent Haydey

Brent Haydey, Life Coach

You Can Get Your Life Back

One Wave Life offers life coaching and mentor support to business owners through our one-on-one private coaching, personal development courses, and membership community.

Our Private Coaching & Peer Mentor Community Deliver Freedom

Are you overworked, stressed, burned-out while lacking the freedom you need to really thrive? Success doesn’t have to come at the cost of your loved ones or your health. Our programs of support are designed to help you develop unique personal strategies and processes you can confidently integrate into your life at work and at home.

One Wave Life will empower you to:

  • Reclaim Time
  • Regain Control Over Your Calendar
  • Rebuild Energy
  • Establish Clear Direction
  • Be Highly Productive
  • Create Work-Life Balance
  • Achieve Thriving Health
  • Reconnect With Your Important People
“Brent’s assistance in helping me to create an action plan that would work specifically for me really helped me to take the first most difficult steps in making positive changes in my life.”
– Jen A.
“So many times, we get focused on the end result.  Brent has helped me see that what I learn along the journey is almost always more important.”
– Jeff M.
“The most exciting benefit from the coaching was the immediate identification of a personal negative belief system that I didn’t even realize existed!”
– Sue M.

Self-improvement starts with you

Are you ready to make meaningful change while growing a thriving business? Seize your work-life balance now. Our self-development blog articles, curated by Brent Haydey, explore innovative and effective ways to start living your ideal life. Start with these 3!

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FAQ Clarity

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The One Wave Lifestyle

The One Wave Lifestyle

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7 Waves of Real Success

7 Waves of Real Success

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