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From Confusion to Clarity: Rediscovering Purpose & Direction In Business and Life

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If you could go back and start over, what would you do differently? Rediscovering purpose and direction for your business and your life at a time when things aren’t exactly going according to plan and you are beginning to wonder why you are running yourself into the ground every day could change everything!

It can interrupt an existence of confusion, chaos, disorder, frustration, unhappiness, and even limited revenue generation. 

By taking time and rediscovering purpose, your ikigai, you can shift in the direction of a business you love growing and running.

Inevitably everyone who owns a business will have a moment in time when you pause, or are forced to pause, and wonder why you get up every day to do what you do, in the business you are in.

I had that moment years ago and although I didn’t realize it at the time, it was my first step in the direction of the business I now have, fulfilling my purpose in a way I never new was possible. 

Even more important though was that as I opened up to a new sense of direction in business I also opened up to new possibilities away from work too. It  ultimately led me to my wife and that opened up the possibility of my daughter coming into this world, something I didn’t think was ever going to be.

When you truly open your eyes you never know what you might see and where it might take you.

So if you are drifting, perhaps disillusioned with where your business is going, unhappy about your involvement in it, or wishing you had more time for important things away from it, take some time to answer these three powerfully mind opening questions on rediscovering purpose and direction.

3 Questions On Rediscovering Purpose & Direction

Why am I in business?

If you are like the vast majority of people, it’s simple. To make money, and loads of it!

It sure was for me in the beginning. I was certain that we had the million dollar idea for a business that would deliver a pile of cash and that would lead to happiness and a great life. It began the spiral into overwork, overwhelm, a disconnect with the most important people in my life, burnout, unhappiness, and feeling disillusioned about the direction I was headed. 

While money might be the end result you want, and it is perfectly fine for it to be that, it is NOT the reason you are in business. Dive a little deeper and answer this next question.

What type of life do I want for myself and my family and what kind of lifestyle do I ultimately want to live?

There, now your getting somewhere. But dive even deeper and answer this one. As a business owner what kind of person do I want to be?

When you can be that person, as you operate a business and live your life, you will have the life, lifestyle, and successful business you want.

Why am I in THIS business?

Okay, now here is where you get more specific about the business you currently have. Why are you in the business you are currently in? Did you choose it? Did it kind of fall into your lap? Did someone else influence you into it?

This is where I fell out of alignment with my purpose and direction. In fact, at that point I didn’t even know I had a purpose and no clear direction of where I wanted to go. Initially it was just the pursuit of money. Then it was into a specific business that was not my dream. It was my business partners, not mine.

Sure, I was technically good at what we did in the field of occupational health and wellness and I became more than competent in the area of ergonomics but I was not passionate about growing a thriving business in this area.

Eventually this, along with some very personal challenges, knocked me down into a deep dark place of unhappiness, disillusionment, and depression.

I’d like to say my moment in time when I paused and wondered why I was getting up every day to do what I was doing in this business was, in fact, a moment in time. It wasn’t. It was a 7 year slide that was only interrupted with the help of a close friend of mine.

During that slide I grew to hate getting up and going to work every day. Over time I was working longer and longer hours. I couldn’t really see the impact we were having anymore. It certainly wasn’t as lucrative as I had expected, at least not consistently. It wasn’t fun, at all. A recipe for disaster.

If you are feeling even a bit of that disillusionment then I hope reading this acts as your pattern interrupt, your wake up call, your moment to pause and begin your reflection. Here is your next question to answer.

What impact do you want to have through this particular business? What is the difference you want to make in the lives of others?

Now go a level deeper and ask yourself what mark you want to leave on the world, or your corner of it, through your business? This taps into you using your strengths blended with your passion for the impact you want make with this business.

This begins the process of rediscovering purpose. Perhaps you can manifest that sense of purpose with your current business. Maybe only some adjustments to it’s direction or your specific roles are what is needed. 

Perhaps you need to begin to look in a new direction to really make your mark.

Where do I want to take this business and why?

Through this final question you get to begin with the end in mind. I love this Covey-ism approach as it helps set the direction you take for your business and for the life you want to live.

Are you focused on building an empire? Are you perfectly content with something smaller? Do you love working in your business or does focusing on it drive you? How much is enough?

One day, somewhere down the road do you hope to sell your business? Perhaps as a part of your retirement strategy or as a transition step to something else?

Once this business is gone, how will you continue to make your mark on your little corner of the world and continue to manifest your deeper sense of purpose?

Until that time it’s important to realize that to really grow your business, to have it be successful, and to generate all the income you want from it you really do need to know what matters most to you. You really do need to have a sense of your deeper underlying purpose. It is critical that you can clearly see the direction you want to take your life.

Each of these questions allows you to see your bigger picture in a way you may have never seen before. They don’t lock you onto a path that cannot shift with unforeseen moments into your future. They do, however, begin to set a direction forward for you that you can align with in each decision you make and every action step you take as you grow your business and fully live your life.

They are only the start. Rediscovering purpose and becoming crystal clear of the direction you want to take for your business and your life involves more than 3 simple questions. It does need to start with asking them though.

So as you ponder your answers and open up to being ready to really connect with your inner purpose and the direction it can take you then contact me. It’s time for us to work together on ensuring you stay aligned.

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Brent Haydey is an experienced life and business coach in Edmonton, renowned for his calming, empathetic, and results-driven approach. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs find balance and success, blending teaching, mentoring, and coaching for impactful life changes.

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