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Sleep Divorce: Actually A Great Thing

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Is it time to consider a sleep divorce? Well, if you are having trouble sleeping and getting the restorative rest you need to feel energized and productive the next day then maybe.

If you have already taken the steps to make your bedroom darker or cooler and quieter then maybe.

And if you have also introduced a proper sleep hygiene process of winding down in the evenings and winding up in the mornings then… maybe.

So what is a sleep divorce?

It’s a term some use to describe you and your spouse sleeping in separate bedrooms. Why do some couples choose a sleep divorce? Usually it’s because one of them snores and it disrupts the sleep of one or both of them. Now, truth be told, I don’t like the term sleep divorce. It has a negative connotation that suggests something is wrong with a couple.

Nothing can be further from the truth. When a couple can have a loving conversation about disrupted sleep and the impact it is having on one or the other or both of them and they visually see the fatigue each and every morning in their partner, they can ultimately see the value of separate bedrooms and decide together to give it a try.

Maybe it’s only for a few nights. Perhaps you do it weekday nights so your work or other daily obligations are less impacted.

Remember, this is for sleeping. It doesn’t have to have any impact on intimacy.

I know several couples who have very effectively shifted to sleeping in separate bedrooms. In all instances when good, restful, restorative sleep is attained not only do you wake up feeling more refreshed and energized but you are happier, are healthier (as sleep has a big impact on many aspects of your health), and are more productive.

You may need a period of adjustment in getting used to not having someone beside you. But, once used to it, it will became easier and you will sleep better. Sleep divorce is simply a step in making the room quieter… one of the key elements of sleep environment change.

If snoring is a concern for you or your spouse here are a couple suggestions to consider that could eventually end your sleep divorce and have you sleeping in the same bed as your spouse once again.

First, take steps to improve your health and wellbeing starting with consistently and effectively exercising. Second, begin to shift towards healthier eating. Here is a great foundational framework for healthier eating.

Being more consistently active and eating healthier can have the benefit of you snoring less. Continue on this healthy path and you will likely release weight and this can also have a beneficial impact on your snoring.

Another step you can consider is to be assessed for sleep apnea, where advances in CPAP technology or other therapies can also have a significant impact on snoring and sleep quality… for you and your partner. Be sure to talk to your health care professional before taking any new steps with your health and wellbeing.

From Sleep Divorce To Well Rested Couple 

Good quality and quantity of restful, restorative sleep is the foundational element of great health. I’ve said it many times before and I will continue to say that…

Without great health nothing else matters!

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