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The Art Of Recharging: How To Renew Your Energy

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In our fast-paced and demanding world it’s easy to overwork, get overwhelmed, and become run down and drained of energy. Are your personal batteries in need of recharging?

Thankfully, there are various techniques to renew your energy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Choosing the right kind of energy renewal to do at the right time is the key to avoiding the negative set backs they can cause and to maximize your personal performance and productivity and work and at home.

4 Ways Of Recharging Your Energy

Physical Energy Renewal

Recharging Physically

Are you sitting most of your day, working on a computer, in meetings, or doing other forms of seated work? “Sitting disease” has become a significant problem in today’s society. Do you work in awkward postures or in a set posture for prolonged periods?

Maybe you’ve felt the pain and discomfort that often comes from sitting too long, sustaining that poor posture, or working in an awkward posture for too long. Low back pain, upper back and neck tension, frequent headaches are all common results of not taking physical energy renewal breaks.

When I feel that tension in my upper back and neck from too much laptop time I get up and move, then do some mobility to reset my posture before returning to work feeling refreshed.

Mental Energy Renewal

If you wear far too many hats in your business then mental stress is probably a daily occurrence. There is only 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Is the daily volume of demands overwhelming you to the point your brain hurts?

Difficulty concentrating, not being able to focus effectively, anxiety rising, and either not getting things done or making mistakes are all common results of mental overload.

When my head is buzzing with overload I like to head outside, feel the sunshine on my face, and gaze into the bubbling water of our backyard bubbler rock. It’s calming sound and mesmerizing bubbling capture my focus, centre it, and melt away all the noise and inner chatter. I find I am able to return more centred, better able to focus, and able prioritize my next actions much more effectively than if had just pushed through.

Emotional Energy Renewal

Have you become disillusioned or burned out and ready to just pack it in for the day or even for good? You know, you wish things were different but don’t quite know how to make it so.

You might find yourself procrastinating, staring off into space, or simply letting your inner voice limit your will to work in the moment.

When I find myself feeling down and questioning my why for keeping on working as I do I like to like to check in with my people. Simply hearing the voice of my wife or daughter can shake me free from the funk that I am in. Interacting with my One Wave Life community members or my private clients will remind me of the difference I can make in their lives. Both motivate me while recharging my batteries. They allow me to return to my work feeling refreshed.

Spiritual Energy Renewal

Maybe your questioning goes deeper and beyond work alone. Perhaps you are feeling lost or disillusioned about something bigger in your world around you. Lately I have felt this way about the divisiveness and polarization of society in general.

It can have a similar impact as I described in emotional energy renewal. You might procrastinate, worry, or stare off into space as your inner voice asks why bother or when will things change.

Now you might think spiritual energy renewal is a religious thing, and not for you. It could be for some, but it doesn’t have to be. To me it’s more about purpose and direction.

When I am feeling disillusioned at this level I pause and reconnect with my Ideal Life Compass. I remind myself of the core values I hold close and how I am living in alignment with them as often as I can. I look at my inner sense of purpose and remind myself of how I am manifesting it through the work I do and the people I choose to hold close in my life. I re-read my vision statement to see the things I am doing that make a difference and how far I am along in living the life and lifestyle I want while growing a business I love.

Spiritual energy renewal inspires me to continue to be who I am, to evolve in the direction I am heading, and to live fully. That has a powerful impact on my energy and my productivity no matter what I am working on.

Each of these 4 forms of recharging your personal energy batteries can have a tremendous impact on your work productivity in the moment. They can deliver the freedom you need to live with work-life balance too. The key is in choosing the one that you need in a given moment and then choosing an activity that will renew your energy. I just gave my personal examples of each of the 4 forms. There are, of course, a large variety of activities in each of the 4 forms of energy renewal. Be creative in determine what will work for you.

If you’d like a deeper understanding on recharging your batteries and energy renewal and how to effectively do it, consider joining our free online community.

Building energy and fully renewing it regularly as a part of living The One Wave Lifestyle ultimately involves designing and implementing things to prevent energy depletion in the first place. It also involves bigger and broader reaching activities done consistently throughout the year, like weekly energizers, monthly recharge or nurture days, quarterly personal retreats, and annual vacations.

In order to start this process of change, begin with taking small, yet powerful, energizing micro breaks regularly each and every day.

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Brent Haydey is an experienced life and business coach in Edmonton, renowned for his calming, empathetic, and results-driven approach. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs find balance and success, blending teaching, mentoring, and coaching for impactful life changes.

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