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Reducing Holiday Stress – The Big Meal

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Is the big meal a part of a stressful holiday celebration in your home?

Tradition for many families in our society dictates that the matriarch of the family or the woman who is hosting the holiday dinner in her home is responsible for pretty much EVERYTHING.

All too often that means a ton of pressure leading up to the big day, all day of that day, usually followed by a crash all the next day and beyond. That is unless there are house guests (wanted or unwanted) which means being “on” for another day or more.

How much joy does that person really have?

Depends on the person, right?

Tip #4 – Say No To A Stressful Holiday Celebration

Some may actually thrive with this level of giving of themselves and creating a beautiful experience for their family and friends. Stress is positively framed, work is loved, and they actually gain in energy as it unfolds.

Others, though, cringe at the thought of another year of “work”. If this is you something’s gotta change.

Say no, outright. If that does not feel right then ask for support from a lot of people in very specific and distinct ways. Share the wealth of creating a positive holiday experience. If few are willing, you’re back to saying NO.

If the obligation and pressure has always fallen on you then many people will unintentionally expect you to do what you have always done, perhaps not even realizing the stress it causes you. Talk to them about it as you ask for support.

You might be surprised at the result. It just might transform your experience of the holidays this year! The big meal meal does not have to equate to a stressful holiday celebration.

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I hope you’ve found value in these 4 tips for  lowering holiday stress and, in implementing them in your own way, you are able to enjoy all the holiday season has to offer!

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