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Strategies For Difficulty Falling Asleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep. We all crave it. Too many of us simply do not get it night after night and it takes a toll. If you have difficulty falling asleep your sleep environment just might have something to do with it.

Let me share Sara’s story. She commonly worked late into the evening nibbling on snacks as she did. At times she’d have a cup of tea as well, often caffeinated black tea. She’d check her emails then head directly to bed. With her current work project running through her mind, pressures of deadlines and the next day’s schedule added stress to her thoughts as she’d try to sleep. Minutes sometimes led to hours of staring at the ceiling. The bright light of the business across the street lit up his room like the Vegas strip and the noise of people out to the wee hours just added to it all. She’d toss and turn and stress more about not falling asleep. She’d turn on the TV in her bedroom and watch for a while then try falling asleep again. Eventually she would drift off, tossing and turning all night, only to be jolted awake by her alarm feeling sleep-deprived.

Anything familiar about this? Most of us have elements of Sara’s experience affecting our lives in our own unique way.

Beginning to change your experience of sleep involves one time actions that you can make starting today to make much needed changes. It also requires processes integrated into your life over time that become habits to positively support your restful needs. For some these habits are hard to establish. If you are having difficulty implementing this on your own, I can help.

Set up your environment early, then add processes over time and gradually falling asleep will become easier and the resulting restful sleep will result.

Make Falling Asleep Easier With These 3 Simple Steps

Make your room dark – Use black out blinds or curtains to minimize the external stimulus of light or a sleep mask. It might take a bit of time but you’ll get used to wearing one. Also, dim your clock or phone, turn it away from you, or remove it completely and use another form of alarm.
Make your room colder – Turn down your thermostat at night for your whole home or consider a bedroom air conditioner for the warmer months.
Make your room quiet – consider using ear plugs to mute disruptive noises such as outside chatter, sirens or other vehicles, or even a partner snoring. You might also consider white noise, perhaps using an app on your phone. If a partner snoring is really bad, consider separate bedrooms for sleeping. It might be a good idea for them to be properly assessed for sleep apnea too!

Start today and use baby steps where necessary to easily integrate each of these three steps into your day to day life. Do so and you will begin falling asleep much more quickly while staying asleep and getting the restorative rest you need to feel rested and energized the next day.

Just imagine what a good nights sleep would mean to your focus and productivity at work.

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