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Lifestyle Redesign: 5 Critical Impact Areas

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Is it time for a lifestyle redesign? Read on and I will tell you why it might be time and how to go about it. First, think about this. Whenever you experience, or someone close to you experiences, a significant event in their lives and you watch it from up close something happens inside.

Maybe someone close to you dies too young or has a traumatic experience impacting their health. Perhaps people you know go through a divorce or someone’s business closes for good. It could be any number of things but when you experience it up close you tend to have an awakening moment, right? All kinds of things go through your head.

Ever thought of any of these?

  • That could be me
  • Life’s too short
  • I really need to change

Again, the list could go on. The real question though is do you do anything differently or does this powerful moment of potential for change simply fall away. Do you unconsciously slide right back to your same old ways, destined to possibly repeat a history you don’t really want, once again? Sadly this is exactly what happens to most people.

I get it. You’re busy. It’s take time, energy, and effort. There are so many things on your plate right now.

Remember… change nothing and nothing changes!

So what about the time during a pandemic? What about the months and years of political unrest, or social issues unresolved, or societal economic and financial challenges that seem to keep getting worse? Have any of these acted as an awakening for you over the past year?

You’re not alone if something has you re-thinking who you are, what matters most, and how you show up in the world. Something has you thinking about a lifestyle redesign.

What is a lifestyle redesign?

What is Lifestyle Redesign

Very broadly defined it’s living your life differently than you have. It’s recognizing something in the way you have been living that doesn’t feel right, and choosing another way. It’s looking in the mirror and seeing the need for change.

Perhaps it comes out of acting out of alignment with your core values. Or seeing others acting in ways you feel are not right and deciding a change is needed in who you spend your time with and what you choose to do with your time.

It could come from that feeling like you’ve been holding off too long on an opportunity you know could make a big difference in your work or your life.

Then again, maybe is bigger than that. Maybe it comes from seeing some aspect of the current reality in your community, city, country or even society as a whole, that just doesn’t sit well with you.

You know it’s time to shake things up and do a lifestyle redesign. You know you need to act differently, think differently, and be different.

Wow, deep, huh?

Sure, maybe. It could also be something simple that has a big impact in your world.

I have been hearing from all kinds of people over the past year who just know, somewhere deep inside, that they need a change and this is the time. This is their moment of awakening. In some cases it was a single event that they experienced.

For instance one had a personal health scare. Wake up call! Another was deeply impacted by government decisions that would impact society as a whole as well as directly on them. Yet another was touched by someones courageous stance on something deeply personal. I could go on!

Others I talked to simply got to the point of a long journey of discovery or awakening to finally say to themselves… that’s enough. I can’t go on like this. I need more balance. Things have to change at work. I cannot continue to spread myself so thin. Things have to change! Maybe they don’t use the words, lifestyle redesign, but that’s essentially what they are taking about.

“Lifestyle redesign is recognizing something in the way you have been living that doesn’t feel right, and choosing another way.”

How can I do a lifestyle redesign?

This will be something very personal to you and might start with one simple change or it might require an in-depth transition that could take a while. Read our 7 Waves of Real Success and to see which wave you need to ride first to harness its power on the way to calmer waters in your life.

To also help get you started on your path of change consider these areas and ask yourself the questions that follow for each.

At The Societal Level

There is so much polarizing chatter about a great number of issues on a societal level lately. Some of the discussions (or even demonstrations) have been going on for generations. Other things are more recent.

  • What specific issue(s) bothers you? Why (be 100% truthful here)?
  • How much influence do you have to change things?
  • What are you prepared to do to impact change on a societal level, on a community or family level, or on a personal level?
  • Can you continue to live your same old way moving forward if you do nothing?

At The Governmental Level

Our governments, on every level, take steps and make decisions that you may not always agree with. When times are challenging this tends to get amplified.

  • What specific decision(s) bothers you? Why (be 100% truthful here)?
  • How much influence do you have to change things?
  • What are you prepared to do to impact change?
  • Can you continue to live your same old way moving forward if you do nothing?

At Your Work Level

Whether you work for someone else or have your own business there may be times when you find yourself or see others acting out of alignment with your core values. There may be times when you question your career or business path.

  • Are you, or is someone else, acting out of alignment with your core values? Which values?
  • If you, is it your choice or are you being pressured by someone else?
  • Do you dislike some element of the work you do? Why (be 100% truthful here)?
  • Is the direction your business or career is headed out of alignment with your values?
  • Can you continue to stay in your job moving forward if you do nothing? How?
  • What impact will doing nothing have on you if you show up the same way in your business or let it continue to operate in the same way?

At Your Health & Self Care Level

This is almost always an area in need of some degree of change and the usual one leading to an awakening moment.

  • Are you on an unsustainable path towards a premature death?
  • Does your current health status limit you from fully living in the way you want?
  • What needs to change?
  • How important is it, really?
  • What do you stand to lose if you don’t change… soon?

At Your Relationship Level

People. People can be one of the main triggers towards a need for a lifestyle redesign.

  • Who are the 3-5 people you spend time with that press your buttons, drain your energy, or are not at all aligned with the things you value most?
  • How much time do you spend with them on average?
  • What value is there in spending time with them?
  • How can you significantly decrease or eliminate that time?
  • Who are the 3-5 people you spend time with that lift you up, energize you, and live very aligned with you and how you see the world?
  • How much time do you spend with them on average?
  • How can you significantly increase that time?
  • What will your life experience be like if you do nothing to address these questions?

Why NOW Is The Time For A Lifestyle Redesign

Any time you experience an awakening is a great time to reflect and consider a change. Why now?

Because everyone is talking about it and with everything going on in the world lately, most everyone has had some moment of awakening in the past year or so. Not everyone will look at things the same way as you but everyone is really open to doing some things differently.

Things at work like a four day work week, a hybrid plan of working from an office and from home, traveling for work less and continuing to use virtual meetings whenever possible, repurposing office towers into residences so people can relocate more centrally and drive less… just to name a few.

Eating healthier, being more active, sleeping more, taking more time with family, taking time to yourself, watching less TV, less news, less social media… just to name a few more.

You name it and people are talking about it. So NOW is a great time to really ask those hard questions of yourself. Its a great time to talk about them with your spouse, kids, business partners, or others. It’s a great time to formulate a vision for where you want to head at work, at home, and beyond and begin to make it your reality.

I challenge you to reflect on this and begin your own process of change. So many ways of our world are ready to be shifted and addressed with a positive vision and mindset moving forward.

If you need support in formulating that plan, creating your ideal life compass, and in taking the steps to put it into action, or in getting out of your own way as you do then have a look at how I can help and contact me so we can discuss your needs and your dreams.

If you love the idea of being part of a community of change and working along with like minded people then join us in The One Wave Global community for the peer mentoring and coaching support you’ll need to help you achieve and fully live your ideal life!

The time to start is NOW!

So What’s Your next Step? Creating the change you want can be hard if you go it alone!

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Brent Haydey is an experienced life and business coach in Edmonton, renowned for his calming, empathetic, and results-driven approach. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs find balance and success, blending teaching, mentoring, and coaching for impactful life changes.

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