Smash Your Scale


by Brent Haydey



If you own a scale take it out and smash it to pieces and throw it away. Here’s an excerpt from my eBook “Make It Stick” to begin to explain why.

“I love it, I hate it, I need it, please take that darn thing away!

Wait, how will I know if I reach my goal?

Carol kept her scale prominently positioned in her bathroom so that it was there to greet her every time she entered. She would say it felt like that evil thing was calling out to her, tempting her to step on it every time she walked in, promising it had good news to deliver. Whether it was first thing in the morning, after her workouts, anytime she used the bathroom, or just before bed – just seeing the scale led to feelings of anxiety and to stepping on it. Unfortunately the news was not often good; or not good enough anyway. On more than one occasion she described almost needing to call the handyman as she felt like throwing her scale through the wall.

Assessment, right? Yes…but what value is really being gained.

The scale has been used forever as THE measure of weight loss. Many have remained more closely attached to their scale than just about any other small appliance or tool in their home, some even more than with family members!”

Why smash your scale?

Because our society has repeatedly driven into you a message that achievement of a specific, often unrealistic “weight” is THE goal. Then you are done. Well, that’s the unconscious message you tell yourself.

Because now, at an unconscious level, you have come to believe this to be true.

Because, by itself, the scale really tells you very little with respect to your health or even your progress towards Thriving Health and looking great.

Staying connected to your scale leaves you open and vulnerable to every unreasonable message about weight bombarding you online, on TV, over the radio, in conversations with friends, and on and on. It leaves you fixed on an end point (that number they say is desired) which will only lead to you stopping, falling back off track, taking another ride around your unconscious lifestyle loop, and perpetuating yo yo results.

Because of how “weight” has been marketed, the scale has been ruined for the small usefulness it can have.

Smash it and send a powerful symbolic message to your inner belief system that YOU are in control and actively taking steps to attain and sustain Thriving Health. Know that you will become leaner, look better, feel better, feel better about yourself, be able to do more, be happier, and be healthier when you leave the scale behind and transform your lifestyle overall.

If, while reading this, your resistance meter shot through the roof that’s OK! It’s your old belief system trying to hang on to old patterns that have held you back from the results you really want. It does that!

NEED SUPPORT with your limiting beliefs and how they hold you back from achieving the results you want? Consider my Thriving Health Programs.

WANT MORE on assessment, the scale, and the other 7 Principles of Thriving Health? Get my eBook “Make It Stick”.

NOT READY TO LET GO of your scale. There is a section of my eBook “Make It Stick” that covers how to effectively use it until you are ready to smash your scale in the future.

“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

Yours in health,


PS When you do smash your scale please take every precaution to do so safely!

Be an advocate of Thriving Health. Forward this to anyone you feel would appreciate receiving this message. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.


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