You The Advocate


by Brent Haydey



I recently spent a few days RnR in the beautiful mountain community of Canmore, Alberta. For a treat (and a bit of a walk down memory lane) we walked into a little candy shop on the main street. It was packed with all those sweets and treats I remember as a kid. Then I saw 3 items still for sale I thought were outlawed long ago. Remember these?

It got me thinking.

In the 50’s candy cigarettes were very normal. Smoking was mainstream. People may not have really known how dangerous it was. Additionally at that time a form of influence over us and our lives began to pick up steam. The media and all it’s forms of advertising.

“Your doctors choice.” “Just like dad!” “Hey dad, can I bum a smoke?”

Wow, are you kidding me?

The influence of the media and powerful corporations effectively using advertising like this led us down a path that has been figuratively and literally killing us ever since. We as adults have been targeted and companies such as cigarette companies (with products and ads like these) and fast food companies like McDonalds using characters such as Ronald McDonald have targeted our kids. Once hooked on their products as kids a lifelong battle ensues.

The influence of media and corporations using it will never end and will continue to be powerful and effective. They look after their bottom line and the value created for their shareholders. End of story. Our health does not enter on their radar screen unless it impacts their bottom line.

No one cares more about your health than you.

You need to be your best advocate for your health and living a healthy lifestyle. Your kids may not yet be able to advocate for their own health. They depend on you to look out for them.

So what does that mean? A big fight against the big bad enemy of the media and corporate America? If that’s your mission, OK, but think closer to home.

In the 70‘s we began to have an understanding of how bad smoking, fast food, and other products with a negative impact on our health were, but still consumed them. Now we know very clearly. We need to act. Consider these 3 steps.

  • SEE THE REALITY – Become more conscious of the negative influence on your health that pervades your daily life? See certain ads and products for what they really are and say NO.
  • TAKE BACK YOUR CONTROL – Stop smoking now and forever. Get whatever support you need. Break the cycle of influence. It is that important. Regarding food choices, be conscious of how often and how much you indulge in choices you might like but do not support your health, such as fast food. Some is fine to satisfy your taste but done unconsciously a pattern can develop leading to a massive crash one day in your future.
  • BE A ROLE MODEL – Lead by living it. Your influence of being a living breathing example of healthful living can be as powerfully positive to your kids, your family, your friends, and your community as a whole as the media can be negatively.

Becoming aware leads to alignment with your values and Ideal Life vision. Choosing how you respond to the negative influences on your health begins your shift. Taking action solidifies the results you want. Advocating, in a way that feels right for you, shares the change.


Shift Happens! Start yours today.


“Remember, life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”


Yours in health,




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