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by Brent Haydey



The #1 question that I get asked over and over that I never seem to answer to the satisfaction of the person asking is this.

What is THE BEST exercise to do?

My usual response…

The thing that you’ll enjoy and actually do consistently.

Many will give me that look of come on, that’s that best you’ve got?

But it’s true.

I could say everyone should run. I love to run. It works for me so shouldn’t it be great for everyone?

Not if you’d view running in the same light as watching paint dry.

I could say you should sign up for a zumba class. Your eyes may light up at how fun that sounds or you might cringe at the thought of a dance style class with crowds and loud music.

Then again I could go on and on about the merits of yoga and a lot of guys might think, that’s only for women. Of course I know better.

But that’s the point. Based on your interests, your goals, your experience, your comfort, your preconceived ideas, convenience, cost, group vs solo, your schedule, and perhaps most importantly your personality, THE BEST exercise to do is uniquely a choice suited to you. Remember the best might also be a variety of several activities done keeping it fresh and keeping it fun!

By choosing ones you like to do or can, at least, frame and continually embrace in a positive light you are much more likely to do it and keep on doing it reaping all the rewards that follow.

Here’s a chart that might help match up your personality with physical activities you’d enjoy best.


***From the Huffington Post article “How To Find The Best Workout For Your Personality.” October 21, 2013.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,



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