What Is Thriving Health


by Brent Haydey



What is Thriving Health to you?  What will achieving and living with Thriving Health enable you to be, do, or have?

Two pretty simple questions but have you really given much thought to either?  I’d like to share with you my take on each and encourage you to deeply connect with your own vision of Thriving Health.

To me Thriving Health is …..

“Feeling, looking, and being naturally me with the energy, mobility, strength, and endurance to joyfully do ALL I want, when I want, and with whom I want and to do so embracing my health and not living in fear of it.”

To me, some of the things that Thriving Health means include:

Actively playing with my daughter instead of being relegated to the sidelines to only watch.
Being able to SCUBA dive – now, and when I’m 90.
Going on adventures where, because of my health and fitness, I can see and experience things many others cannot.
Being alive and active for years and years to come so I can continue to enjoy
new exciting adventures.
Being able to run a half marathon on my 80th birthday, if I want to.
Being a wonderful role model for my extended family and friends.
Looking in the mirror everyday and smiling.

Reflecting on your personal definition of Thriving Health, and what achieving and living with it will give you, sets a powerful motivation for taking the action you need to take to make it happen.  Surround yourself with reminders of what Thriving Health will give you.  Be inspired, be motivated, and act.

Slow and steady made easy!  As you achieve more and more of your Thriving Health it will stick and be yours forever.

I would love to hear your definition of Thriving Health and what you will gain as it enables you to live your Ideal Life.

Please share your comments below.

Putting your intention out there is a powerful message to your inner negative beliefs and the filtering system they depend on to hold you back and control you.  It’s time to break free of that roadblock.

Release weight, achieve thriving health and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!


Yours in health,



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