The Blame Game


by Brent Haydey



Do you automatically lay blame when business just doesn’t seem to go your way?

Does it serve you in actually moving forward to the results you want?

In this post I will share why letting go of blame will lead to the sustainability and then freedom you desire.

BlameIn my first business I developed a pattern of playing the blame game that trapped me and left me unable to move forward with my business. It ultimately led to a major financial and life crash that could have destroyed any possibility of future success.

Very early on our business rode a roller coaster between tons of work and good revenue and scrambling to get more work from current clients or searching for new ones. That roller coaster was hard on the business and maintaining operations and it was hard on me too. 

In the good moments we hunkered down and worked IN our business delivering exceptional service that our clients loved. In the lean moments stress and then panic moved in as I tried to keep everything afloat until new cash came along. 

I had an expectation that my business partner would go out and get new business and that role was his job and not mine. When the results were not there and stress mounted it was easy to lay blame. Then he and I both would shift the blame even more externally to decisions of clients or perspective clients or any number of other sources. 

Me, when that blame proved fruitless, swung the pendulum to the other extreme and placed the blame firmly on myself. I got very good at beating the crap out of myself. It, of course, did not help either. It only made things worse.

Underlying it all was something I could not see at the time.

  • I chose not to engage in marketing myself.
  • I did not feel comfortable in selling.
  • I did not feel confident in selling.
  • It was much easier to say to myself it was somebody else’s responsibility.
  • Even if it was not working out well I could simply bury myself in what I felt WAS my responsibility.

I was not being personally accountable at all.

Now there was much more to it than that, but you get the point. 

The result is that our business crashed hard and nearly died. Thankfully we were able to work hard to save the business and build it back up.


I stopped playing The Blame Game!

With exceptional support from my mentor and coach, I became conscious of the current reality. I began to understand the concept of personal accountability and I chose to accept it and shift my world; in business and every area of my life.

Shifting to be personally accountable,

  • I was able to recognize when things were not working much sooner.
  • I was able to see my accountable position in the event, however big or small it might have been.
  • I was able to then see a new path towards better results.
  • I was able to communicate more effectively, learn, and ask for support in a much more effective manner.

The result…

Not only did we begin to experience greater financial and overall business results but I was able to rise above The Blame Game and feel much more relaxed, confident, focused, and excited about business and life beyond it.

Watch this 2 minute video explaining the concept further by my coach and mentor, Jay Fiset. 

A 2 Minute Video on Personal Accountability


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

If The Blame Game is limiting your success the please check out my Client Creation Essentials MasterMind program. It will help you and your business or career shift and grow into the results you want.

To your success,


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