Reclaim Health Now That You Have The Time – Here’s How


by Brent Haydey



Reclaim HealthTaking steps to reclaim health is something that business owners know is important but is something that many continually bump from the daily list of “to dos” for things they see as higher priorities in the moment.

Has this been been true for you?

If you have shifted to working from home or your business has slowed considerably in light of COVID-19 and it’s global impact, then you may have “found time”. For entrepreneurs “found time” usually defaults to pouring yourself back into your business as there is always something to do. 

This, however, is the perfect time to use that “found time” and take steps of self care to reclaim health. Here’s why.

Why Reclaim Health NOW

  1. Build Immunity
  2. Increase Energy
  3. Become More Productive
  4. Feel Better Overall
  5. Set The Stage For Lifelong Benefit

If you’ve been putting off taking steps of self care to reclaim health please use the time you now have to set a solid habit in place that will serve you for the rest of your life. Take steps slowly and add more each day. Begin in one area and add a second when you are ready.

Find the balance between time for self care, time for family and friends, and time for work. Create some structure in your day and schedule self care to reclaim health. Otherwise you run the risk of it getting bumped again… out of old habit.

I believe that as you begin to experience the benefits that come as you reclaim health you will see how it positively impacts your business and each area of your life that is important to you.

Reclaim Health – Here’s How


Move. It starts as simply as that. Get out for a walk, respecting social distancing. When you do don’t be afraid to wave or say hi to others. It’ll feel great.

Sitting for too long without movement is detrimental to your health. There has been significant research in recent years focusing on this. Break up your working day at the desk by moving. Here are a few more ideas.

  1. Walk or run outdoors
  2. Use that exercise class or yoga DVD that you have
  3. Social Media exercise ideas are everywhere but be sure to use a reputable source
  4. Brush off that treadmill, rower, or set of weights in the basement and create a welcoming space for a home gym and then start using it
  5. Create a fitness challenge among friends, family or neighbours to add to the fun

Start slow, especially if you’ve been inactive for a long time. Take baby steps and add a little more each day. Schedule a time to exercise so it becomes consistent and eventually a habit.

Have FUN!

Eat Healthy

This a a big one. Being stuck at home can leave you prone to unconscious snacking out of boredom or emotional eating out of worry. Both can have you eating way too much and likely too much of not so healthy things.

Focus on consciously choosing more fruits and vegetables, more healthy proteins, more healthy fats. 

Focus on minimizing unhealthy fats, added sugars, refined grains, and everything processed.

Be mindful of added sauces, spices, and other add ons to the healthy choices above that are high in sugar, unhealthy fat, salt or are otherwise processed. They can make an otherwise healthy meal such as a salad or grilled meat not so healthy.

Having said all that do allow yourself to consciously enjoy an indulgence, have a snack or whatever else you enjoy now and then. Moderation in everything including moderation.

Just make it a conscious choice!


We all need good, quality, restorative rest. With stress and worry comes challenges in sleeping. With a heightened focus on work you can carry all kinds of things mentally with you into bed disrupting your ability to sleep well. Here’s a few tips.

  1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule so your body knows when it’s supposed to sleep and wake up
  2. Create a night time wind down routine to step away from the screens and from busy brain
  3. Make your room dark
  4. Make your room quite
  5. Make your room cool
  6. Create a morning routine to rise, immerse in light (natural when possible) and energize for your day


Every day disconnect some from social media, work, and TV (especially the news) and create time and space to connect directly with the important people in your world.

  1. With those right there with you in your home  – talk, play, get active, learn together
  2. With family away from you – talk, share, love, and laugh
  3. With friends – talk, share, love, and laugh
  4. With neighbours – have a social distance respecting visit out doors
  5. With business associates, colleagues, staff, or partners – talk, share, reassure, and laugh

In the words of Burt Bacharach… “what the world needs now is love sweet love”… and laughter, and connection, and support.


Right now there is a heightened sense of stress, anxiety, fear and worry for many people. Many business owners, perhaps including you, are feeling this and that number will grow in the days and weeks ahead.

A lot of business owners tend to keep it all in and not let their guard down and appear vulnerable or weak to competitors, to clients, to employees, to partners, and even to family. Now that’s a lot of pressure to hold in at times, especially now.

Being able to release and address this stress in a supportive and healthy way so you can ground yourself and become calm as you take steps forward in your business and your life is vitally important right now.

If you have that type of support please take advantage of it. If you do not please reach out to connect with me. We will arrange a Zoom initial video consultation safety from your home or office.

I will help you begin to shift from chaos to calm and help you get pointed in the direction you need to head in the days and weeks to come.

It’s a complimentary consultation with no obligation to work further with me unless you want to.

Taking steps now to reclaim health will help you in the immediate future and your long term future as well. Include your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. All are important pieces to reclaim health and well being overall.

Good luck, be healthy, be happy!


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