Achieve Holiday Balance And Enjoy It For Once


by Brent Haydey



holiday balance

How well are you able to find holiday balance? Do you stress every year pulled by increasing work demands yet wanting to be able to enjoy all the season has to offer? Me too! At least I used to.

We’re well into the holiday season already and my schedule is pretty full all the way into the new year. Every year it seems that there are always two or more events for every Friday and Saturday throughout December. My wife’s work, my work, friends events, family events, and the ones we host too!

At the same time work demands always seem to ramp up leading to the end of the calendar year. So much to take care of within a short span of time.

Then there are all of the other demands and expectations that come with the season. Usually others people’s but they affect you nonetheless.

Navigating Towards Holiday Balance

So exactly how can you navigate towards holiday balance without undue stress? How can you prevent burning out and the subsequent negative impact on your health, your relationships, and even your businesses bottom line?

A powerful lesson I learned a number of years ago was not to try to do it all. For a while my wife Gail and I tried exactly that. We’d say yes to everything we were invited to. We didn’t want to miss out. But we ended up missing out and stressed because we tried to hop from event to event, driving a lot, not staying long enough to really enjoy what was going on, then feeling badly about leaving early or arriving late.

All of it ran us down so that we were tired, often vulnerable to colds, and producing less at work during the month when that stress rose. We really did not enjoy all the season had to offer. More of a race to just survive and get it over with!

So we changed our attitude and our approach and now we really embrace the season, especially since our daughter was born, and remain productive all the way through too!

A few years back I wrote a series of four posts to address this very topic. Each tackles one primary issue of the holiday season with some suggestions on how to approach it.

I hope each will help you create the shift you need to make so that you can embrace and enjoy your holiday season while your business continues to thrive.

Check them out and let me know how your holiday season changes this year.

Lowering Holiday Stress Part 1 – Saying No

Lowering Holiday Stress Part 2 – Out Of Control Gift Giving

Lowering Holiday Stress Part 3 – Unwanted House Guests

Lowering Holiday Stress Part 4 – The Big Holiday Meal

Enjoy all the holiday season has to offer!


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