Working Vacation


by Brent Haydey



Working VacationA working vacation. Maybe, as long a certain rules are followed.

I’m heading out on my summer vacation and the pressure of being an entrepreneur and taking time off for rest, renewal and recreation is beginning to mount. There is always so much to do and so many depending on me and my being available.

Do you have the same experience? Do you NOT vacation because of your business and it’s demands?

I’ve always said that if you design your business model right then time for rest, renewal, and recreation can flow easily while your business continues to grow and be profitable… even with you away!

During your early growing phase and even to a degree when things are rolling you may choose to do have a working vacation. I believe this can be okay if you plan appropriately in advance.

There are 3 rules from Fast Company to be smart on your working vacation so you can enjoy it fully and come home rested, renewed, and re-energized. Check out the full Fast Company article here.

Here are the rules and how I intend to use them on my upcoming working vacation.

1. Set email expectations (and social media in general)

I have already connected with each of my coaching clients and discussed my level of availability and what that will look like while I am away. We have addressed some key issues in advance to minimize their need of me while I’m on vacation.

2. Block your business time

I will make an agreement with my wife and daughter on a maximum amount of work time daily while on vacation. It will be a maximum of 90 minutes/day on a maximum of 8 days over our time away. I will do it early in the morning while they sleep or are getting ready for the day or later at night while my young daughter is sleeping.

3. Disconnect entirely

I will disconnect, unplug, and mentally let go of everything WORK beyond the above two points.

If you choose to work on vacation then #3 becomes a very important point to highlight. It is one thing to disconnect and unplug but it only really makes a real difference if you also consciously mentally and emotionally disconnect and let go. Free yourself of constant focus and the stress that can go along with it.

For me I know there will be a time, as my business continues to progress, where I will vacation with rule #3 alone. Until then I know setting boundaries with myself and others will allow me a wonderful experience that I will enjoy and cherish forever!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”



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