Work-Life Balance. Change This And Its Yours!


by Brent Haydey



Is Work-life Balance a Myth?

Not When Framed Right!

“It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.”



Work-Life Balance! You’ve heard the term. You’ve probably formed an opinion about the concept. Maybe you talk about it with colleagues, in discussion groups, or even at home.

“It’s a myth. That’s crazy. It’s just not possible.”

Or… “sure it’s possible.” “I’d love to experience it.” Or, “I’m fully living it right now!”It’s been a buzz term for quite a long time and it’ll continue to be talked about as long as it remains elusive to most people who would love to have it. It’s not helpful when headlines or the commentary that follow polarizes people around it. Any time that polarizing opinions clash it inevitably becomes a battle of who can be the loudest or state their side the strongest. Usually nobody gains anything by that. Other times the polarizing headline is just to draw an audience. I get it. It works.

But how about we reframe the concept and look at it through another lens that just might allow both sides to come together for a change.

Insights from business celebrities!

A couple of celebrity business personalities, Gary Vaynerchuk and Simon Sinek have talked about work-life balance recently and offer valuable insights on the subject.

I pretty much agree with much of what Gary says in his video. I do NOT believe work-life balance is a myth. In fact his definition or description is exactly how I think it ought to be viewed. As he says, and I 100% agree, it is NOT a canned, defined, put everyone in the same box, thing. It is not what someone else says it “should” be for you.

Ask a self proclaimed workaholic, Gary suggests his passion for his work and the contribution he makes through it is what he loves. It’s what fuels him daily and gives his life meaning. He also suggests that family comes above all else.

So if he has found the harmony between his passion and his values as well as his own health and well being then he really is living with work-life balance. He is experiencing real success and living his best life. Is it 50-50? NO! Not even close. But that’s by design… his design. Ideal for himself and not anyone else.

Will that way work for you? Maybe. But maybe not. For some, work is a top priority to live that balance. For others, overwork actually leads to the stress and imbalance that leaves them miserable.

“It is not what someone else says it should be for you.”

Work-Life Balance & Happiness

If how you are working and living is not sustainable, and you are on a path of burning you out, then you have not yet found your work-life balance. If how you are working is causing problems with your health and well being or with loved ones at home then you are not yet living your best life.

And what about living in alignment with the things that lead to joy, fun, personal fulfillment or contribution at work and beyond it? If those are not prominent for you and that’s leading to stress, disillusionment, or unhappiness then it’s time for change.

These are the things that Simon Sinek talks about.

Finding your work-life balance begins with a mindset shift, first and foremost.

So what is it for you?

Do you love to travel? Ya, me too.

Do you want to spend more time with your kids – maybe coaching them in sports or being there for all of their dance recitals or school concerts?

Is working with a local community group or a charitable organization important to you?

What about hobbies? What did you love to do, that you’d love to do again, but have let it slide off of your plate because of work? Or maybe its something you’ve always wanted to try but have never made the time.

What forms your balance?

Maybe it’s the word balance in work-life balance that has so many people polarized. It’s time to let go of balance meaning 50-50. It will never be exactly equal between work and life. Perhaps harmony is a better word.

What do you think of work-life harmony?

Is that too woo-woo for you? Too touchy feely. Okay, then how about this?

Things will also never be perfectly balanced. Steady as it goes with the boat never rocking. As you ebb and flow from day to day and year to year the game of life kicks into high gear. No two days, weeks, months, or years look the same for business owners. As you create a reframed mindset on balance and how you see it day in and day out you can also see how you adjust naturally and easily to the game of life… including the game of business.

You visualize and shift your inner dialogue first. That will inspire and continually motivate you to stay on your path. Then you prioritize, plan, change in alignment with that vision of balance. Steady as it goes with the ebb and flow of business and life.

Reframed properly in your mind and played out through your attitudes and actions then the flow of, well, everything just works for you. Your balance or harmony ebbs and flows up and down in a manageable and desired way. Never too far off track and not generally too significantly difficult to handle. Occasionally when stuff happens, and it will, your balance, harmony, and flow moves in that direction to address things then it gradually shift where it needs to go next.

You don’t get hung up on it. You roll with it.

Work-life flow!

Your work. Your life. Your balance. Your harmony. Your flow.

In the end I don’t care what you call it. Just as long as you can see it and then begin your shift towards being able to live it.

No destination here. Just a mindset and attitude of a way of living.

Define it in a way that completely resonates with you. Let go of any preconceived notion of what others say it should be and whether or not it can be.

This is all about you, your family, your business, and your own health and well being.

This is what definitely can be if you want it to be.

So stop thinking that Work-life Balance is a myth and begin creating and living more and more of it right now!

So What’s Your next step?

Creating the change you want can be hard if you go it alone.

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