Why weight loss is merely a symptom


by Brent Haydey



I really need to lose 20 lbs. 

Why can’t I get rid of that last 10 lbs?

I’ve got to lose weight before my wedding.

My doctor said I’d better lose weight.

Losing weight. A concern, a desire, a need, a goal, a problem, a pain, A SYMPTOM!

Yes, losing weight is merely a superficial symptom of a much deeper desire. A desire you are unwilling to see or say out loud. Maybe even one your don’t yet know is there.

  • Some people struggle with pretty much any level of achieving the weight loss they desire.
  • Some can achieve the goal of weight loss, and alleviating themselves of the symptom, but it’s usually only temporary before the symptom returns bigger and more problematic than before.
  • Very few are able to SUSTAIN their weight once achieved.



iStock_000001667800MediumMost, if not all who struggle, focus primarily on the symptom and the symptom alone. That’s all they think about, losing weight and what the scale says! It’s overly consuming and it’s a problem.

And what do we do once the symptom is gone, if we can actually get it to go away?

We forget about it. We forget it was ever a concern. We engage in our daily lives and slowly return to our old routines letting life’s old influences gradually take hold until the symptom becomes painful enough again to be an issue.

It’s a circle that perpetuates over and over again until we awaken to see it for what it is and act to break the cycle of it’s existence.

While releasing weight will have a tremendous benefit on your health, happiness, and well being it, in an of itself, is not a deep enough a reason or powerful enough a reason to SUSTAIN your Thriving Health. It may not even be powerful enough to achieve what you want to achieve in the first place.

You must look deeper within!

Once the symptom is gone you must have something meaningful to embrace to in order to sustain the change you have achieved. And if the struggle is in achieving weight loss in the first place, a shift deeper will also shift your actions, your outlook, and your results.

Every time you find yourself thinking or feeling some variation of “I need to lose weight” ask yourself this question.


With each answer you give ask it again for 3 -5 times in succession. Get down to the root cause of your need or want to lose weight and make that your conscious motivation to act towards lifelong change.

Your deep seeded why IS powerful enough to inspire you day in and day out to live an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle while embracing all Thriving Health will deliver to you.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,



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