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What Is An Ideal Life Architect?

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Hello, I’m Brent Haydey, Ideal Life Architect. On our introduction page I shared a little about me, my path into mentor and life coaching support, as well as my focus on work-life balance, personal development, and living your ideal life.

Brent Haydey, Ideal Life Architect

While life coach and mentor are more formal titles, I prefer Ideal Life Architect as it more clearly describes what I aim to help you achieve.

As an architect of your ideal life my focus is help you to visualize the calm waters of the life and lifestyle you want to live, with the career or business you love being able to fully support it.

I also help you clearly see the turbulent waves that currently crash down all around you impacting each key area of our 7 waves of real success and preventing you from having that life. In becoming more conscious of these challenges you’ll see what you must face and address in order to live more of your ideal life with each passing day.

My support is to help you prioritize that change so that you can actually deal with those game changing barriers, one crashing wave at a time. As you take on each wave I’ll teach you how to rise above them in order to harness their power and ride them in the direction of the success you are looking for. It’s lifestyle design!

As your Ideal Life Architect not only will I help you set up your plan for success but I’ll also help you stay accountable to it as you proceed forward towards the calm waters of your ideal life.

My 3 Waves Of Ideal Life Architect Support


A life coach will use specific questioning and listening to help you unveil what is already within you. They will help create an environment where you are able to gain clarity and make decisions based on that so that you can take action and experience forward progress towards your goals. Many life coaches only offer this pure version of coaching. I certainly do that but I take it a few steps further to maximize the impact for you.


A mentor will draw upon their personal experiences to effectively share a specific story or set of circumstances that are related to the goals or challenges you are facing in the moment. They will support you to draw from that information whatever resonates so that you can apply it in your own unique way to your own situation.

I have a wealth of experience to draw from over a lifetime of living more and more of my best life each and every day. Not all happy and positive experiences. No, in fact it is my more challenging times in life and through my work that have really defined my path and evolved my wisdom in the support I deliver.

In business and my working world I have been hit by pretty much every success limiting wave you can imagine. Each has provided a valuable lesson and growth opportunity that you do not have to repeat. My business mastery stems from these experiences and from continual learning from a number of powerful business sources. They have led me to find my passion and create the path that delivers the success that is ideal for me. Because of that I am positioned well to be a business mentor to you.

In life I have experienced the loss of many people close to me and have overcome the powerful internal challenges that come with loss, impacting my personal life as well as my working world. I have faced health and self care challenges and continue to be a great role model for living an active, healthy lifestyle. I have also pushed my comfort zone limits in creating some amazing ideal life experiences over the years despite so many questioning my plans pretty much each and every time.

I work very hard to be a living, breathing role model of living the ideal life and experiencing the success I support people like you to achieve!


A teacher imparts knowledge and expertise in certain areas to those wanting to learn. Of course there are many ways in which this can occur. 

I come from a formal background in the field of health and wellbeing, specifically in exercise science and kinesiology. In that realm I am in a position to offer my expertise when needed. Continual learning is one of the core values I live by. In over 30 plus years of my working, business developing, and coaching life I continue to learn through a variety of sources and from a variety of people. As a result I am able to draw upon my expertise to support you when needed.

Ultimately, as your Ideal Life Architect I draw from my blend of the above three areas to deliver the support you need overall, for a specific goal, or in a specific moment as we work together.

7 Powerful Benefits of An Ideal Life Architect

Expand Your Vision

I will help you see beyond what you thought or knew was possible. You’ll not only see that light at the end of the tunnel, you also see well beyond it to opportunities and a way of living that excites you.

Get Centred

I will help you move from chaos and overwhelm to calm, focused, and productive. In doing so you’ll be able to make clear and conscious decisions, focus where you need to, and actually become more productive and profitable.

Find Your Blind Spots

I will help you see into your blind spots at work and in life even when you cannot see them yourself. By having a second set of eyes in your world you can overcome or bypass obstacles that would normally trip you up. You can keep progressing faster than you would on your own.

Manage Conflict

I will help you navigate conflict effectively and quickly, so that it does not continue to weigh on you and negatively impact your world. Sometimes that’s dealing with others, but often the conflict management required is getting you past your biggest barrier; yourself.

Achieve Work-Life Balance

High achievers know that a high level of productivity and profitability is only sustainable when you have balance in your life. I will help you see the value of work-life balance, create it in your world, and then help you stay on track as you live it and reap the rewards.

Have A Sounding Board

Business owners and career focused people tend to not let their guard down and appear vulnerable or weak to competitors, clients, employees, partners, supervisors, or anyone else, including family. I will work to build trust with you that leads to authentic and open conversations and a chance for you to be vulnerable in a safe space, thereby letting you explore ideas you might otherwise not even consider.

Eliminate Energy Drains

We all have deep-seated habits, many of which once served us well but likely no longer do. I will help you see what these unconscious habits are and how they impact you, and, once identified, how to shift them into a mode of being that serves you once again.

Feeling Hesitant?

If you have not yet experienced coaching or mentoring support then it is perfectly natural to feel somewhat hesitant. Everything I mentioned above might make perfect sense, yet somewhere inside you are just not sure.

Perhaps you’ve heard or just assume that coaching is like therapy or counselling and you’ll have to share things you don’t want to. Let me just say that therapy or counselling are very different from coaching and a good coach will know when to refer you on if your needs warrant it. 

Additionally, you are in the position in the coach/client relationship to share only what is pertinent to the focus in any session. Great progress can be made towards your goals without you having to feel overly pressured. Having said that, as trust develops in the coaching relationship you will likely feel more comfortable in sharing more.

Maybe you are hesitant because you “just don’t have the time right now” and “will begin later once things settle down.” Does that resonate? If it does, beware, it’s a trap! You might be falling prey to your inner voice leading you down a storied and well beaten path of continually pushing change out further and further where things never do settle down.

My coaching is ideally suited to support you to actually reclaim time so that you can then feel “settled down” and begin your process of change. Done right and you can create massive change one small step at a time, at your pace and on your terms. The point is that you do need to start in order to see change actually occur.

Finally, you might be hesitant feeling the cost of coaching is not something you can afford right now. I have designed One Wave Life to support you to begin your journey of change towards achieving and fully living your ideal life no matter what your budget is.

For some, who love the idea of one to one private coaching there are several options available. For others who prefer the power of peer mentoring and the connection of community, we have our One Wave Global membership community. With membership you can tap into the collective support of others who share the same dreams and goals as you and also face many of the same challenges. Together we interact in The Wave Café, obtain group coaching through Wave Theory Coaching, and learn through our private podcast; Wave Mastery, and on our continually growing platform; the One Wave Academy.

Of course, you can gain valuable insight and personal development training by listening to our public podcast; Calm Waters: The Work-Life Balance Podcast or reading our self improvement Work-Life Balance blog.

I look forward supporting you along your journey as your Ideal Life Architect!

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Brent Haydey is an experienced life and business coach in Edmonton, renowned for his calming, empathetic, and results-driven approach. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs find balance and success, blending teaching, mentoring, and coaching for impactful life changes.

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