Wasted Time With Social Media


by Brent Haydey



Social media can be enjoyable. It can be informative. You may be reading this through a social media connection. But social media can also lead to a lot of wasted time.

My previous post suggested no news for a week. Read that post here! So how did you make out? Did you really miss it very much? Did you find someone to keep you informed of the highlights, or low lights?

Just as with the week before and cutting TV shows you deem of no real value, now the challenge is to stay the course and focus on what you gained by minimizing news consumption.

But we’re not done yet. No, there are other places in your world worth looking at for creating more time for what matters most.

Next up… Facebook, other forms of social media, and generally time online. Ya knew it was coming! 🙂

Wasted Time With Social Media

Did you know the average person in the US spends about 8 hours a month on Facebook and about 30 hours a month in total online.

And here in Canada we spend more time online than anywhere else in the world. Anywhere! On average we’re online 42 hours per month.

If you are reading this and wondering what the heck I am talking about, maybe you missed the last 2 posts. Go check them out then continue here. It’ll be worth it.

Finding Time

Drop The News And Reclaim Time

Less Wasted Time? Here’s How!

Step 1: Assess your online use.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & so many newer Social Media Platforms – how much personal time vs business time, games and general browsing vs actual connection with people?

YouTube – how much mindless viewing much like the TV shows you chopped?

Online Games (or gaming as a whole) – how much generally?

What is done for work vs personal use? If you do go online for work, do you do so at home after hours?

Step 2: Now that you see how much you are online find a specific spot and area to CHOP 2 hours out in the week ahead. If you are like the average Canadian that would be reducing from 10.5 to 8.5 hours a week online. From your assessment you should easily be able to see where and when that value perceived by being online does not match the time put in.

Step 3: Take a moment and remind yourself of your big WHY for achieving freedom and living your wildly ideal life. Then affirm why it is more important to consciously SCHEDULE something that specifically aligns with your ideal life vision IN PLACE of usual online time.

Step 4: DO IT. Turn off your computer, mobile device, tablet, or whatever you use and do it.

Feel the power of disconnecting, if only for an hour or two more this week. Use it to reclaim another step of your path to a healthy, active, and happy life.

Enjoy your new found freedom to live your Ideal Life.

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“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”



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