There are only 3 directions you can take


by Brent Haydey



Okay, so you say you want to change!

You say you’re done with diet and quick fix solutions you’ve come to realize just don’t work!

Future Past & Present signpost in the skyYou say you’ve got the message and want to change you’re lifestyle now, before it’s too late!

You say you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Great. All wonderful, compelling reasons for change. Now you have one of 3 choices to make.

Two will lead to change, one will not.

Two will lead to acceptance, peace within, and a happier existence from this moment forward. One will not.

Choice #1: Do nothing and accept things as they are

If you are truly not prepared to change how you live or if you’ve come to understand or accept that there really is not a need to change, you might choose to do nothing. The change occurring here is that you’ve accepted and let go of expectation of things to be different that they are. You may not change your health or appearance or abilities physically but you will shift emotionally and feel better, perhaps even happier as a result.

Choice #2: Actually do something to change your current reality

If you really meant what you’ve said then you may choose to start down your path of Thriving Health. As you live this path positive change will come physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Choice #3: Do nothing and go back to feeling the way you did.

You may choose this path and tell yourself that really there is no need. Outwardly it may appear like path #1 but inwardly it’s completely different. The same old emotions come right back. The same old inner dialogue is there once again. Your stories have not changed. You’re depressed, angry, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed… because the way things are for you is not like the way you feel it should be or really want it to be. You have NOT accepted things the way they are. You DO wish it were different but are unwilling to actually do anything about it.

This choice does not lead to change. This choice does not lead to a happier or healthier existence. In fact, it deepens the pit you feel stuck in.

So if you’re emotionally overwhelmed and experiencing a wide gap between your current reality and what you expect, need or desire make either choice #1 or choice #2 one you accept and embrace moving forward.

You’ll be happier, feel instantly relieved, and be able to move positively forward with living your life.

That might just be the momentum shift needed to step onto the path of Thriving Health.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,



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