The Turtle And The Dolphin


by Brent Haydey



Green Sea Turtle

Green Sea Turtle

I awaken to the waves crashing on the shore just outside the window and step onto the lanai to see a few people already out and active. Another beautiful day in Napili Bay, Maui. Time for a run!

IMG_4474In another of my “Tales from the Tropics” as I head out I feel the rising sun’s warmth on my face and smile. It’s gonna be a great run. My route meanders along a roadway past lush gardens with the fragrant scents of tropical flowers, then climbs to panoramic views of Molokai across the strait. Today I can even see the mountainous peaks that are usually shrouded in clouds. As the sun continues to rise the songs of the morning birds permeates the humid morning air.

I’m in a zone connecting with each of my senses taking in all that is around me.

I see others running on their own, creating their own experiences too. With a nod, wave, smile, and good morning for each passerby I continue along.

IMG_4500Then I notice a group of people approaching along the trail. Laughing, talking, and enjoying their morning activity together they greet me and continue along.

I smile, connecting just for a moment with the energy this group had, then I shift back to my surroundings and my amazing run of this day.

Following the run and later that morning I find myself in the ocean doing something I love; connecting with the undersea world while snorkelling.

Napili Bay is known for it’s green sea turtles and it doesn’t take long for me to find one. I float and watch as it munches on plants and coral growing on the volcanic lava rock that forms these islands. By itself, this turtle moves with the ebb and flow of the waves and tide. Not an easy task for me to do the same and not get smashed against the sharp rocks. It’s worth the extra effort to hang with the majestic creature. Occasionally it heads to the surface for a breath of air then descends once again. As I scan the periphery of my vision I notice another turtle so I go visit it for a while. It’s perfectly content with me being close by as it does it’s thing. Then I notice another.

All tolled, I see 5 turtles in the area that morning. All in close proximity to one another yet all independently actively engaging in their morning swim and feed.

An amazingly peaceful experience that left me exhausted trying to hang with these turtles in the surf.

The next morning I awaken once again to the crashing waves. This time as I step out onto the lanai and look out across towards Molokai I see something jump. Startled I look again. Another jump. DOLPHINS!

I quickly call to my daughter, Maya and wife, Gail to come see them.

A pod of spinner dolphins is passing through the straight off in the distance. One jumps and spins as it splashes back into the water. Another, then another, then another. There must have been a dozen speedily moving along, playfully jumping, and seeming to have a great time with one another. Gradually they move out of our site.

As I sat continuing to look out into the water I realize something. As a runner I am so much like the turtles I saw. Running alone, going with the flow, immersing in my thoughts and my environment.  The dolphins, they are a lot like the group of runners I encountered the morning before. Energized and interactive. Neither right, nor wrong just being who they are… naturally. Both actively benefiting from what they are doing.

So which are you…

The Turtle or The Dolphin?

So often I have heard people not want to walk, run or do some other form of physical activity because they felt they needed to be something they are not. Walk or run by myself… how boring! Go with a group… oh the noise!

Unfortunately it becomes the excuse that rationalizes doing nothing. Not acceptable!

Look into yourself. Are you more introvert or extrovert? Which are you – turtle or dolphin? Are there times or circumstances when you need to be true to who you are and engage in activity accordingly. Are there times, however, when stretching outside your comfort zone would benefit you greatly.

I am definitely more of a turtle. I do, however, love to engage my inner dolphin now and then to gain from the connection with others.

I know you can too!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

Eat well, be well, stay active!


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