The Power of Unplugging


by Brent Haydey



Unplug periodically and you will gain power, freedom, energy, productivity, and ultimately results!

I heard a stat that said we are within 10 feet of our mobile/smart phone 23 hours a day. On top of that we can connect live almost everywhere. That tiny device allows us the ability to run a business from it anytime, anywhere. We know it, our clients know it, our team knows it, anyone connected to our business knows it and they all seem to expect real time connection because of it. We have come to feel that we need to constantly check emails, respond to texts, answer calls, open every Facebook and twitter notification beep that comes in and if we don’t others are angered, worried, or bewildered.

We’ve become a slave to technology and those who seem “addicted” to it. 

I’m sure you’ve had some experience of this. I know I have. There have been times at the playground where I have caught myself answering emails while my daughter played. I’ve been out for dinner with my family checking Facebook. I’ve even stopped a run to respond to something. There are many more examples I have done and even more that I have observed in others.

The point is that it takes away from your “in the moment” experience of life and living with the freedom you desire. It can add stress. It can lead to the frustration of feeling like you are continually working, wishing it were different. It can leave you unconsciously justifying an underlying belief limiting the success you seek but have not yet attained. It can lead to feeling powerless because your client, boss, etc. expects you to respond, now! You might simply be deluding yourself to believe that connection means busy and busy means successful.

Constantly connected is really only a pattern you live and that everyone else has adopted and expects of you. It can change. SHIFT HAPPENS!

One of the definitions of Entrepreneurial Freedom that I commonly use is having freedom from your business so that you can do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want while your business continues to operate and generate income WITHOUT you being there (or connected).

Periodically unplugging gives some of that freedom.

You will reclaim power over that device. It will not own you! You will set boundaries with your time and those who act to abuse it. You will learn to live again and experience the things that matter most in your world FULLY ENGAGED, rather than half-heartedly or not engaged at all but telling yourself you are. You will release stress in everyday moments of unplugging, whether that is a 5 minute office micro-break or a weekend camping getaway.

I challenge you to periodically unplug and claim the freedom that comes along with it. It doesn’t mean unplugging totally. I love my iphone and depend on it a lot. But unplug enough to reclaim what I described above. I am now doing so for portions of every weekend and some evenings. Begin with whatever works for you and expand from there. Baby steps. Perhaps an hour or two per week at the start.

The specifics don’t really matter as much as doing it, consciously experiencing the value, and evolving it.




“Remember, life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived, not merely endured!”


Be an advocate of Entrepreneurial Freedom and the global movement of conscious creators. Please forward this to anyone you feel would enjoy the content. I appreciate your support in growing our community of entrepreneurs!


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