The New Life Success Model


by Brent Haydey



CenterWhat if you put yourself first? You at the centre of your world. It’s my new life success model and it’s a pathway of success that will not only lead to the freedom and balance you would love to have but it will also lead to you earning the money you seek in the end.

That’s right, put you first and you will actually end up with all the money you seek and possibly even more.

Wait, what? That can’t be right and isn’t it being selfish to put yourself first?

It is right and no, it is absolutely not being selfish at all.

Let me explain.

For years I, like so many other business owners, had been led to believe that working harder and working longer while making business the centre of my world was the path to financial success. In achieving financial success then, and only then, I would be happy. 

Well, I was not!

And as my business and life crashed all around me I had a sudden, boot up side the head type wake up call, life altering moment of clarity.

I had it all backwards… completely backwards!

By making my business the centre of my world and money my sole focus I was overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed. I let important relationships to me slide away while my health took a hit too. It was not good and every time I felt I was doing something about it I was not. My framing of the big picture was wrong. It was backwards and I was destined to repeat my history over and over again.

If I wanted a different result I need to do things differently and that wake up call led to me flipping the old traditional business success model on it’s ear. I began to look at it from a very different perspective.

Life Success Model EF


The 4 Steps Of My New Life Success Model

1. Have A Life

Make you the centre of your world. When you begin with you and your vision of your ideal life everything can then be done in align with it. This step includes becoming clear of your core values, what success really looks like to you, who you are, how you want to live, what you want to do in work and beyond, what you want to have, along with any other elements that positively impact you being able to have a life… FIRST!

In having a life first you will be healthier (physically and emotionally), have more energy, experience less draining negative emotion, have a greater ability to focus on what really matters to you, and you will experience more joy. You will be happier!

Imagine the positive impact on your family or friends when this is truly in place for you. You will show up as an amazing you more often than not. They will love it.

My quote “Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived; not merely endured!” speaks loudly to this step being powerfully fixed first in your world.

2. Work Happier

When you make you the centre of your world and have a crystal clear vision of your ideal life then you can design or re-design your business in alignment with it. With your Entrepreneurial Compass to guide all decisions and opportunities that come your way in business and in life you will stay aligned with having a life first and also create the change so that your work focuses on your passions, your strengths, and where you contribute most to your business addressing all else in other effective ways.

You will work happier.

3. Be More Productive

When you are working happier personally you will naturally be more productive. It will be a joy to work because you are doing the things you love and are great at doing and you are having a life first. More will get done in a more time efficient way. It really is working smarter and not unnecessarily longer.

When you design or re-design your business in alignment with this model you’ll also have the support and systems in place for that productivity to increase throughout your organization, whether you are a solopreneur home based business or owner of a larger company.

4. Achieve Financial Success

As a natural result of the first 3 steps, financial success will follow. So instead of having the continually stress inducing primary focus being on money where feeling like you are successful always dangles just beyond reach, how about just letting it come when you take care of everything else in it’s proper order. When your primary focus is on living your best life at this moment in time, including working happier and more productively, a natural result will be the financial success you seek.

Then, with financial success framed right the freedom of energy focus, and time this whole cycle creates will allow you an even greater ability to have even more of the ideal life you want. 

Remember it’s not a destination. It is a path. Start now and create the change you need to align with my new life success model and begin living more and more of your ideal life with each passing day.

How to Begin With The New Life Success Model

You might be thinking that sounds nice but from the chaotic space that is my business and my life right now, how do I get that?

Creating the change to align with my new life success model won’t happen overnight.

Depending on the current situation in your business and your life it will require a shift in mindset. This can be immediate. Simply choose to accept a different path with you at the centre of it. Maybe reading this caused an awakening to that need.

You’ll know when you truly “get” it. Until then keep telling yourself this is the way to be.

With that in place it all comes down to a step by step process of change over time. I won’t try to sugar coat it. It’s not an easy process and it will take time, but consider what’s at stake. Consider what will be. Isn’t that worth the effort? I hope so.

As you begin down this path towards living your best life and you find it’s just too much to handle on your own then contact me. Setting up and supporting you through this whole process of change is what I do. I’d love to help you. A complimentary consultation is the natural first step!


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