The Power of Mantras


by Brent Haydey



mantraMantras help make it stick. There’s a little voice in your head that stands between achieving the results you want and once again being unable to make your lifestyle changes stick. If you really want it to finally work this time then you must begin to hear that little voice.


This is at the heart of the Thriving Health Principle of Assistance. Building internal support is all about becoming your own best friend. If you’re struggling with your weight or your health that little voice has likely been very negative. You’ve been more of your own worst enemy.


Creating powerful mantras will change that. Sports psychologist Stephen Walker says “repeating choice words whenever you need to focus helps direct your mind away from negative thoughts and towards a positive experience.” They will inspire you to stay the course.


When I was training for a half marathon and experiencing a recurring leg injury my self talk was one of worry, fear, and certainty I would suffer an injury during the race. I used the mantra “release relax strong fast” rhythmically at key points while running when I felt pain and tightness coming on, and the limiting language that came with it, and it worked. I shifted inside. I began to noticeably relax as opposed to tighten up and become stressed. I finished my race strong and injury free feeling great.


Works in sports, works for lifestyle too. When doubts and distractions enter your mind and come through as negative self talk it can derail your attempts to make healthy eating choices, to start exercise or to keep on going, or to get the sleep and rest your body needs. It can also certainly add stress to your world. All of which can lead you down the path of another failed attempt.


The first step is to begin to hear that voice loud and clear. Often it goes by unnoticed. What is it saying to you?


Literally there are thousands of ways your voice tries to trip you up. Choose key language you want to shift or key goals you want to reinforce then create your mantra(s) with words that are short, positive, instructive and full of action.


Here are a few to consider. Be creative, build your own.


Love my colors” – when frozen pizza is calling out to you instead of the fresh veggies you had planned for.


I am healthy” – when you second guess your progress or someone makes a negative comment about you.


Take it all in” – When fatigue or discomfort build up during outdoor exercise in a beautiful setting.


Memorize these. Every time that negative voice appears, STOP. Say your mantra out loud or to yourself. Feel the shift inside. Continue with your day taking the positive steps aligned with you mantra. If it influences a decision in the moment regarding food or activity great. If it simply re-inspires a way of being great. Make your shift positive. Do this over and over and it will stick. As it sticks your actions will stick. Of course as actions stick results will come.


Release weight, achieve thriving health and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!  


Yours in health,




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