The Indivisible Whole Part 2


by Brent Haydey



Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your job or business?

Does your stress level peak when interacting with certain people?

In part 1 of The Indivisible Whole I shared Greg’s story and how failing to address each of the 4 elements of an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle led him to fall short of achieving his goals.

In this post the focus broadens to your whole life and all the influences on it that can act to derail even the best prepared plans.

Another client of mine began working with me after experiencing a significant wake up call too. She was highly motivated to make real change and had powerful reasons for doing so. As we assessed her current reality and laid out a plan to gradually transform each element of her lifestyle it seemed like we were right on track. Follow it step by step, gradually making progress and the results will come, right?


The plan was sound. She felt it was exactly what she needed to realize her goals. Starting out, when highly motivated, things went great. Early progress WAS realized.

Then… life jumped up and got in the way!

As much as we like to compartmentalize our lives it simply cannot be done. Each area in our lives heavily influences the others either positively or negatively. In this instance it was negatively.

HarmonyThe three largest and most influential life areas are wealth, health, relationships. Wealth includes your career, business and financial well being. Health includes all aspects of health. Relationships include any one in your life that impacts you to any degree. Certainly there are many other life areas and they can be included when considering the influences on your life, however these three typically influence most people the most.

When all three are on track we experience harmony and happiness in our lives. When one is off track it can act to drag down the others. When two are off track it is very difficult to maintain the third and even harder to improve upon it. When all three are off track…

In my clients case key relationships in her life were causing incredible stress and work demands on time and energy added to the overall negative influence on her health. Despite having a good plan and the tools and support to carry it out she could not engage in the plan in a consistent and progressive manner. It was one step forward then two steps back most of the time. She could not succeed and experience the real results she wanted until the issues in the other two life areas were acknowledged and steps to resolve them were underway.

Have a look at your whole life. Look at your job or business and your financial situation. Look at any relationship in your life that leaves you feeling stressed or drained. How about community involvement or any other life areas prominent for you? How do any of them negatively influence your ability to embrace and engage in integrating into your world each of the elements of an active, healthy, and happy lifestyle?

I am certain you’ll be able to identify some issues in need of resolution.

They may feel like nothing significant. Resolve and shift them anyway.

They may be very hard to face and acknowledge the truth about them. Get the support you need and begin the process to shift and resolve them.

Not only will you become happier by shifting that life area in a positive direction but you’ll free up much needed energy and time that will allow you to make the Thriving Health changes you want for your life.

It won’t happen over night. It may be very hard but when you release the stress it involves and claim the position and direction you want in all life areas you’ll experience a powerful shift which will solidify your path of an ideal life of Thriving Health that STICKS and remains sustainable forever!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,


Be an advocate of Thriving Health. Please share this to anyone you feel would appreciate receiving this message. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.


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