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There are so many great reasons to aspire to being the healthy entrepreneur. But for most is it more likely the unhealthy entrepreneur or executive and your experience is more like this.

3 Phases That Deter Being The Healthy Entrepreneur

In the start up phase

  • Cash it tight, very tight.
  • College style diets of kraft dinner.
  • No time for fun and games.
  • Physical activity declines.
  • Stress begins to mount and sleep is affected.
  • The goal is to build your business or advance your career… at all costs!
  • Forget the healthy entrepreneur, the path to unhealthy is set.

In phase 2 as business grows…

  • Day, night, and weekends are focused working in the business trying to be sustainable or at the job trying to impress the boss.
  • fast and easy choices for food are the norm.
  • The drive through server knows you by name along with your usual order.
  • Physical activity (never mind structured exercise) is gone, long gone.
  • Stress continues to climb and sleep continues to decline.
  • The java jolt rises to prominence, often throughout the day.
  • But business is growing so it’s all OK!

In phase 3 business success is achieved.

Wahoo, you’ve arrived, finally!

  • No time to celebrate though as there is more work to be done.
  • Gotta take it to the next level.
  • The thinking of once I…(insert any number of financial goals), then I… (insert any number of lifestyle goals or dreams) enters your thoughts all too often. Maybe the healthy entrepreneur lifestyle can finally start!
  • Perhaps it’s out of fear for your future, retirement, kids well being, etc.
  • Perhaps its related to a “keep up with the Jones’s kind of dream” and the carrot is always dangling just beyond your reach.
  • Bear down, work harder and longer and it will be yours.
  • It never is, though.

Not so healthy, is it?

You forget about actually living your dreams, now and every day. Forgotten is the need to take care of yourself so that there will be a someday. Unhealthy eating, limited physical activity, rising stress, and poor sleep leading to obesity dominates the picture. This lifestyle has simply become your “normal”.

The train that is you and your life are squarely on a track picking up speed towards a massive wreck with your health that will significantly impact your dreams of once I…, then I, perhaps ending them permanently.

Okay, wow, heavy stuff, right. You might be thinking ya but that’s not me. Maybe not but the pattern starts early and the actions leading to this end result unconsciously take hold over several years. You might not even see it coming. Take a look right now.

Are you an entrepreneur or executive who might be falling into this pattern of life? Even if you are not an entrepreneur or executive but can resonate with this pattern in your working life the time to begin to change is NOW, before it’s too late! The lifestyle of the healthy entrepreneur is possible.

The good news is that SHIFT HAPPENS!

The path of being a healthy entrepreneur can be reclaimed and sustained forever.

I get that time is a factor and that you’re busy. So is your life and having one when you want it most. For the most part time is an excuse! Here’s a simple step that you can use to get started in reclaiming your health.

Use strategic abandonment to remove one action that you know does not help your health (i.e. 30-60 minutes of daily TV, facebook, email addiction, unnecessary meetings, or other time wasting things) by replacing it with one that will help your health (i.e. exercise, recreation, mindful dinners at the table).

Net time impact – ZERO. It works, really. It can be that easy. Get used to that then do another, then another. Baby steps to sustained change. There is no better way to integrate change in your busy life and make it stick.

If this feels like too much and you need support to overcome your barriers to really have a chance to reclaim your health then contact me for an initial consultation. Consider private coaching to breakthrough.

But, if you like the idea of peer mentorship from those who have similar dreams and face similar challenges as you then consider our One Wave Global Community. Together we’ll create and experience all it is to live The One Wave Lifestyle.

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Brent Haydey is an experienced life and business coach in Edmonton, renowned for his calming, empathetic, and results-driven approach. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in helping individuals and entrepreneurs find balance and success, blending teaching, mentoring, and coaching for impactful life changes.

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