10 Annual Summer Wake Up Call Reminders


by Brent Haydey



I love summer. I tend to slow things right down in the summer and take time for myself and my family. I use the time to reflect and reconnect with my bigger picture and what matters most in my work and my life. I usually end up being reminded of several things I need to stay aligned with, focus on, or change in my world; my annual wake up call

This year was no different, although the reflection part really started in the spring after my dad passed away. Anytime someone close to you dies the usual response is to pause and reflect on your own life and I’m no different. Watching and hearing the experiences of many people throughout the past two and a half years of the pandemic, seeing my father’s health decline slowly at first then much more rapidly near the end, and talking to friends and colleagues about retirement, semi-retirement and the things that really matter really seemed to beef up the wake up call list this summer.

I thought I’d share some of the insights I reconnected with these past few months. Maybe just one of them might resonate with you and lead to a personal change for the better in your world.

Brent’s 10 Wake Up Call Reminders From This Summer

Spend quality time with your parents while you still can

When their time ultimately comes you don’t want to have left anything unsaid. I am grateful for the time I had with my dad over the past few years. It was the same when my mom past away several years ago.

Spend more time outdoors

Living in a northern climate I have come to embrace spending time outdoors in the warmer months, even if it’s working on my laptop in my backyard. This spring we created our dream backyard sanctuary and summer office, in part so I could do exactly that. I’m loving every chance I take to work in my outdoor office!

Don’t wait for one day

So often one day never seems to come and then it’s too late. Don’t wait for this wake up call. Do it now!

We all need to recharge our personal batteries on a regular basis

Work and life get busy. Sometimes we go too long without recharging and pay the price physically, mentally or emotionally. Recharging can range from daily micro breaks through annual vacations. All levels are important to keep you healthy and happy and productive.

Sleep matters

The importance of sleep and not just quantity of sleep but quality of sleep too is something that we often disregard and it takes its toll. It’s a foundational factor for health, disease prevention, being highly productive, and in living a long life too. It’s something I continue to work on as my sleep quality is not the best.

Act as if you’re going to live well beyond 100

Exercise, eat, drink, and sleep NOW to prepare for what your 100+ year old self will want to be doing. Design your finances and your work in the same way. Waiting until then will be too late.

Work-life balance really is possible

I am reminded time and time again by my clients, my friends, and my own actions that you can have a great life and still earn a lot of money. So many feel it has to be one or the other.

Become fully financially literate

Financial literacy is something we really do need to learn for ourselves. This summer I spent some time talking to key people about how the financial systems of the world operate at the highest levels, who influences them now and historically, and how it impacts me. It has helped me to continue to learn to win within the traditional systems and beyond them too. Both play a vital role in fulfilling the dream to get out of the rat race.

Consider semi-retirement right now

It doesn’t mean what you think it means. You can work. You can play. You can earn more and not have to work 40+ hours per week. It’s having the freedom of time and money along with the vision of what really matters to fully live your One Wave Lifestyle now. Maybe you never fully retire someday, but if you do… know your “what now”.

The future is so bright you’ve gotta wear shades!

We are always “wowed” when science fiction of the past becomes the reality of today. Remember when the first flip phone seemed like something right out of Star Trek? Well those technological advancements, in so many fields, are coming faster than ever and have me wanting to live well beyond 100 just to see what will come next.

What little life lessons did you learn this summer? What was your annual wake up call? How will you change your mindset and the actions that follow in the months ahead? My annual wake up call and the lessons I reconnect with are ways of more fully living The One Wave Lifestyle.

Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and on a path of burnout are all too common in our society these days. Just remember that it does not have to be that way.

If you’ve had your wake up call then my membership community, One Wave Global, is an ideal spot to learn how to create the freedom you need to live your version of The One Wave Lifestyle.

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