The 2 Common Things Delaying Your Decision To Take Action


by Brent Haydey



When it comes time to ACT it’s very natural to hesitate, especially if you’re considering a substantial change and your past attempts have not exactly measured up.

changeWhen the change you are about to start is related to your health and well being the hesitation can be even more powerful.

Do you often find yourself thinking or saying… I need more time to think about it?

There are usually 2 prominent factors that lead to this type of thought.

Your Underlying Beliefs

Deep within you, often at a subconscious level, you have beliefs in operation that guide many of the actions you take… or do not take. Many of these beliefs have been a part of you for most of your life and may have evolved as you have lived your life.

Some of these beliefs are positive and serve you well while others do not serve you well and often stand between you and your dreams and goals. They are firmly planted within you and resist change. They influence your emotions and subsequently the actions you take or resist taking.

Your Need For More Information

Some people simply need more information, more detail. They may not feel they have enough to make the informed decision they want to make and start the change they need to start.

Your Next Step

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About the Author

Brent Haydey Profile PhotoBeginning with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology, Brent Haydey has evolved over thirty years as an entrepreneur; building four businesses, and as a health, executive, and life coach.
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