Smartphone Distraction And Its Impact On Business


by Brent Haydey



I’ve experienced smartphone distraction in a few separate meetings recently. It was annoying and yes, it was a distraction too.

In one meeting it was going off 3-4 times a minute or more. Different chimes, dings, bongs, and quacks for each app sending a notification. Each time it went off the other person said sorry then looked over at their phone, then returned their attention to our meeting. “Where were we” was the inevitable next words said. 

Not only did it waste an accumulated large amount of time but it left me feeling like I, and our meeting, was of secondary importance to each and every notification. If this was the impact of one meeting I can only imagine the impact on the rest of their day while they were trying to focus on some other important aspect of their business.

Smartphone Distraction

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How could they ever get anything done!

Why Is Smartphone Distraction A Problem

We think of our phone as a useful tool for our business, and it can be. But smartphone distraction can also be a significant source of you leaving money on the table.

Are you a business owner who always seems to be staring into your smartphone?

Every time it chimes with a new notification it distracts your focus. Every time you get caught up in scrolling endlessly through new feeds it wastes your time.

If this has been your reality then your phone has control over you and it’s time to do something about it.

Smartphone distraction limits your time, energy and focus diminishing your freedom, productivity, and the amount of money in your pockets.

End Smartphone Distraction Now

It’s really pretty simple. Here’s how.

  • Open your smartphone settings
  • Go to notifications
  • Turn them all off

You might think I’m kidding. No, really. Do that! 

Thought you already did that? Do it again. Sometimes the settings get reset to ON after operating system updates or individual app updates. They’re sneaky in wanting to get notifications to you so you’ll keep using the app.

Now if you just can’t bear not being notified about all the happenings from various apps (or maybe just specific ones) then at least turn the sound off and only receive visual notifications. Then put your phone away in meetings and for scheduled periods of focus on high priority work.

If even that cannot work because you feel you need constant connection for your work or constant connection for other reasons yet it so completely overwhelms and limits the most important things you really need to do then we need to talk. 

There are many ways, beyond this post, in which you can reclaim freedom in your business while it can continue to thrive. Contact me and we can discuss your specific challenges.

Remove smartphone distraction and you’ll become more productive while putting more money in your pockets. No more money left on the table.

Not only that but you’ll feel less stress too!

Just imagine what you can do with the time and energy you realize when you reclaim control over your smartphone.

That’s Entrepreneurial Freedom in full force!



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