Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired


by Brent Haydey



“In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

I am not sure who said it but it hits the nail on the head. I truly believe that before you can make a fresh start with your health and lifestyle towards achieving and living with Thriving Health you must connect with and embrace your anger, fear, helplessness, frustration, and blame of how things are and have been.

Maybe you’re mad at yourself for letting you get to where you’re at. Maybe you blame your work, your boss, or the economy. Maybe you’re frustrated with programs or diets whose false promises were too good to be true. Maybe you’re angry with your spouse, kids, or someone else for where you’re at.

Feel it, really feel it. Get MAD! It’s OK.

Now begin to shift! Recognize that blame and excuses will not get you what you want. Recognize that only you have the power to act and “be the change” you want for your health and your life. Shift that raw energy from what was and is to passionately committing to what WILL BE.

That passion, that energy, that type of commitment will see you through and MAKE IT STICK!

Shift happens!

Now I know that may sound too simple to work. But there’s a huge difference between awareness of these feelings and actually accepting your shift and commitment. In the past you may have become aware of your desire and really wanted to change. You probably even told yourself you accepted your current reality and have let it go, but did you really?

Most never go from mentally “getting it” to accepting deep inside; accepting with your heart and soul. Until you do old underlying beliefs will pop back up, excuses will mount, and you will fall off track wondering what happened this time.

First step. Get mad. Harness that passion and commit to real change. Create a mantra or an affirmation to support your new passionate commitment. Repeat it often as your shift deepens and takes hold.

Take 5 minutes and watch the video linked to below. It’s a clip from an old 70’s movie that depicts the level of passion I’d love to see you have towards reclaiming your health, your happiness, and your life. As you watch see yourself as you are now. See the barriers in your way. Get mad and commit to smashing those barriers on your path to Thriving Health.

Video – Mad As Hell

Second step. In addition to shifting and harnessing that raw, powerful emotion you must now also focus on what you want, what you REALLY want. Of course ACTION must follow but action without step 1 & 2 may not be enough to make it stick.

Our Fit4Results Thriving Health Revolution is picking up steam. A revolution that results in real change for you and those you most care about it your world.

Much more to come for you IF you’re ready, really ready for change. Stay tuned!

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