Shift Happens


by Brent Haydey




Maybe I shouldn’t go to yoga this morning. My wrist is pretty sore from playing hockey the other night. I can’t do yoga. I’ll just end up hurting my wrist even more.

I’ll just go to the coffee shop after I drop Maya off at play school. I really should get going on my work.

Ya. I’ll skip yoga today, rest, then go back again next week.



It can lead to a repeat pattern breaking apart all you’ve accomplished thus far.

It almost caught me today.

What did I do?

I stopped, caught myself in the spin, and said out loud “hey, wait a minute!”

Then, in a instant, I saw the old pattern of using some excuse (injured wrist) to let my default (need to be working) trick me out of the self care activity I really wanted.

I reminded myself that I love yoga and why go. I connected with how I feel doing it and how I feel after.

I reminded myself of my agreement and commitment with myself to start the week off right with activity. I knew I could alter my practice to not stress my wrist. I knew the instructor would help with that. I knew I could also choose to do something else, like go for a walk or run.

This all took place in mere moments. I shifted. I went to yoga. I felt great for doing so. I did not hurt my wrist at all. I left proud of the fact I stayed on track with my thriving health path and ultimately the impact it will contribute towards being able to live my ideal life for years to come.

You can shift too!

When your inner voice tries to knock you off track, recognize your trigger, STOP, reconnect and choose an active path that works for you in that moment.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,


Be an advocate of Thriving Health. Forward this to anyone you feel would appreciate receiving this message. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.


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