Prioritizing Self Care and It’s Importance


by Brent Haydey



Prioritizing Self CarePrioritizing self care is generally NOT something most business owners do, yet it should be at the very top of the list. Instead many business owners start, and often stay, firmly entrenched in the mindset of business first and that there will be time for everything else later. Work harder we’re told. Work longer they said. That is the path to success. 

Then when you achieve success, generally meaning financial success, you can take the time to have a life. Well that way of thinking often gives way to this powerful quote…

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”  A.J.Materi

If you are so lucky!

Years ago a friend of mine built up a very successful business over a number of years. He worked hard to become that successful. He worked long too. He was often the first to arrive and the last to leave. With so many things going well one was not. His health. Prioritizing self care was not at the top of the list for him and ultimately it would cost him.

In his 50’s, as he was in the process of buying the tropical dream home that he and his wife would retire to and enjoy all he’d worked so hard to achieve, he died suddenly of a massive heart attack.

I fear he was not being truthful enough with himself about how seriousness his health issues were. 

Had he been more truthful with himself, MAYBE he would have made healthier lifestyle choices years before, and MAYBE, just maybe he would still be with us enjoying all he worked so hard to achieve.

It was a tragedy that stuck with me for a very long time and played a significant role in my passion of helping people avoid a tragedy of their own so they can fully embrace, enjoy and live their ideal life.

Is it your time for prioritizing self care?

Now perhaps your reality is not nearly as serious as this. Perhaps there is a wake up call currently going off in your world.

  • Maybe you look in the mirror and wake up a little by not liking what you see as your weight has gone up and your health has gone down over the years.
  • Maybe your doctor has warned you about blood pressure, pre-diabetes, or cholesterol issues and you wake up a little.
  • Maybe you saw a friend of colleague suffer a heart attack, perhaps even die, and it’s got you worried feeling that could have been you.

Whatever it is, listen carefully because it’s giving you the opportunity to change things. It may not feel big right now but does it possibly have you on a path where one day way too soon it could be you who runs out of time?

Consider this quote to put it into a bit of a perspective…

“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”  Spanish Proverb

Prioritizing self care NOW is all about taking care of your “tools” that will lead to a change to your health and well being before it’s too late.

A few more reasons why prioritizing self care is important!

Why else should you make it a priority now, besides being alive to enjoy all you’re working so hard to achieve…

  • You’ll look better, feel better, and feel better about yourself. Imagine how that can carry through into your business endeavours and your home life.
  • You’ll be fitter with more energy to carry you through your day. Imagine the impact on your personal productivity with ample energy left over for yourself and your family at the end of your work day.
  • You’ll have greater clarity and focus, again positively impacting your personal productivity and decision making.
  • You’ll get sick less often. In being healthier your immune system will be stronger so you can avoid or minimize the impact of things like colds and the flu. Imagine not having those days or weeks of being off because of being sick!
  • You’ll be happier overall. Imagine actually enjoying your days and all that there is to them at work and at home when you are a healthier, stronger, more vibrant you.

That’s just to name a few great reasons why prioritizing self care is important. I trust they’re enough to launch you onto a path of change.

If not then we need to talk to determine exactly what is standing on your path and where you really want to go in your business and in your life. Connect me today, before it’s too late!


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