One Small Change


by Brent Haydey



Sometimes a small thing can make a world of difference and add incredible value to your client’s lives.  In an instant a shift can take place that has results that stick for a lifetime.  What would that be worth in your client’s eyes?  As Mastercard used to advertise, priceless!

When Andrew approached me he was worried.  He was obese and was fearful of a looming train wreck with his health.  He suffered with pain in his knees and back.  He was stressed.  As we began to design the plan to transform his lifestyle and address his wants (to lose weight) we agreed that to achieve the results of Thriving Health and to make it stick was going to take some time.  To get to where he was had developed over a lifetime thus far.

In our planning the fact that he loved volleyball but had not been able to play in many years came up.  His knee pain was a limiting factor.  Certainly the amount of weight he carried had a negative impact on this love of his, however during his initial assessment another key factor was uncovered.  His instinctual, habitual pattern of functional squatting added undue stress to his knee joint day after day in all kinds of every day tasks.  After one small change to his motor pattern of squatting, along with strategies to reinforce the new pattern in all every day activities, and over a short period of time his knee pain began to diminish.  Not long after that he reported to me that he actually played volleyball for the first time in years and it felt great!  One small change led to a new found joy that Andrew felt was lost forever.  Powerful!

Now Andrew has a lot more work ahead to transform his lifestyle and make it stick in all the areas he wants but this early success intrinsically sets a solid foundation for the path he was starting down.

Hear your clients “wants” but also begin to see the deeper wants they might not yet be connecting to.

Create early, easy successes that deliver on some of these deeper wants while you effectively design and address their overall lifestyle plan.

When you do you’ll be delivering “priceless” value.  Your client will perceive each instance with greater value than merely the time you spend with them.  Not only will their commitment and effort deepen and stick but you’ll open the opportunity to evolve your offers to your clients so that you …..

Earn more, work less and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!


Yours in health,



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Brent Haydey Profile PhotoBeginning with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology, Brent Haydey has evolved over thirty years as an entrepreneur; building four businesses, and as a health, executive, and life coach.
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