Obesity, The Diet Trap And Entrepreneurs


by Brent Haydey



Obesity and The Diet TrapRecently the obesity rate of the US adult population was reported to have increased to 42.4%. That’s nearly half of all adults in the US! It’s scary considering all of the associated health risks.

For a business owner experiencing obesity, being overweight or a downward trend with your health there are additional factors that can increase those risks considerably.

  • Entrepreneurs tend to face a significant amount of stress. That stress may come from uncertainty in your industry or the economy or other factors beyond your control. 
  • Business owners tend to be private, guarded people who keep things inside for a number of reasons. As a result you may not have a healthy outlet for all that stress.
  • Entrepreneurs tend to work… a lot! Work fatigue and burnout can add stress and limit your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result exercise may have disappeared from your day to day life and fast and easy food may constitute your dietary choices.
  • Business owners tend to be sleep deprived. Whether it staring at the screen until just before sleep, busy brain of the stresses of the day or of the demands for the next day, or too much caffeine quality restorative sleep isn’t happening. That negatively accumulates over time. 

Add it all up and you might be on an unsustainable path towards a significant health crash from which you might not recover.

The unfortunate solution that most people seek out for obesity or being overweight or experiencing a downward trend with your health is the quick fix of a diet.

All Diets Fail… Eventually

I say unfortunate because something I believe that everyone must come to terms with is that all diets fail… eventually.

It may seem like the ideal solution. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent in the multi billion dollar diet industry to convince us that it works.  But the fact remains that they all fail for the vast majority of people over time. Study after study show that most people put back on the weight they lost or actually gain back even more.

Why do I say all of this?

You got into business for a reason, right? You have a dream and a vision of the life and lifestyle you want to live. But you, like most business owners, may be caught up in the mindset trap of once I get my business to a certain level or once I earn a specific amount or once I can retire then I can reclaim my health and live happily ever after.

It might not work out that way. The associated health risks of obesity are real. I know of people who have died far too young feeling that way. 

It’s time to break the cycle; the diet cycle. The solution is NOT to diet. The goal is NOT weight loss. The goal is really about creating, embracing and living a healthy active lifestyle.

It must become who you are and how you live FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

When that mindset is truly set then the results you experience will include releasing body fat in a healthy lasting way… and so much more. 

It might sound like such a simple solution and it kind of is, however implementing it into your world and overcoming all of the powerful influences that will question it and pull you back into old habits or patterns and beliefs will be difficult.

You have it within you to create this kind of powerful change. Just imagine everything you will have and experience by starting down this road.

To get you started here are 3 critical factors that I believe will lead to your ultimate success.

Overcoming Obesity and Being A Healthy Entrepreneur Starts Here


Ultimately you will need to have a huge shift in attitude. On the paradigm shift level. It begins with shifting from a short term quick fix to long term lifestyle change. Then it’s imperative to really connect deeply with your why for doing this in the first place. 

It’s more than weight loss. It’s deeper than how you look and feel although those may be important to you. When you clearly see your why your new attitude will take hold.


You will need to take back control over your life. Do you own a scale? Throw it in the garbage… right NOW! The concept of weight and the tool of a scale has very limited value and has likely owned you for far too long. Distancing yourself from the number on a scale or the number of pounds to lose will be a powerful step in you taking back control over your life, your health, and the way you live it moving forward.

This might be terrifying to you but when you overcome this massive barrier other steps may come a bit easier.


I’m not here to BS you so let me say it again. This will take effort. It will take time. But when you clearly visualize the path you are on and all of the deep reasons for staying on it then you will gradually be able to embrace more and more of your healthy lifestyle journey.

Doing it alone or only with someone who is facing similar challenges might set you up for failure once again. 

Seek out the support you need. Maybe that’s personal trainer. Maybe that’s a Registered Dietitian. Be sure they are well educated and aligned with your goals.

Perhaps it’s support to integrate the plan of these professionals into your already overwhelming day to day life and to overcome your barriers so that you can achieve the success you really want. 

That’s the support I can give. Contact me and we can explore what that will look like.

This is the start of a marathon, not a sprint. With the right attitude, control and support you will be starting an amazing lifetime of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Imagine all that it will bring to you! 


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