Lowering Holiday Stress Part 1


by Brent Haydey



Holiday stress can mount at this time of year for many people. Demands on your time, finances, and energy can be all consuming and lead to higher anxiety and possible consequences including:

  • An unhappy holiday experience leaving you wishing it would just end now.
  • A month long hit on your blood pressure causing it to remain elevated with all the implications that can cause.
  • A slip or even a crash with your healthy eating leading to over-indulgence in holiday sweets, treats, and high fat food and drinks.

Be prepared in advance this year. Be conscious of what lifts your holiday spirit and what leaves you feeling anxious and stressed. Here’s the first of 4 tips to lower your holiday stress so you can embrace and enjoy all the holiday season has to offer.

Tip #1: Say No to Parties That You Don’t Want to Attend and Reduce Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

Some time around mid November you begin to notice that your weekends are filling up and week nights are starting to be in demand too. With what you ask? Holiday parties, of course. There is your office party, your spouses office party, the party for your kids dayhome, several friends hosting holiday get-togethers, and of course many family functions including Christmas eve, Christmas Day, one side of the family, then the other, and any other festivities that may come along.


Wow! I’m getting stressed and tired just thinking about it.

Now you may love filling your social calendar. If so go for it and have a blast. But if you cringe at each invite as it fills your schedule and wish you could just relax a bit at home in front of the fireplace in place of some or many of those events then you gotta start to say NO!

Look at each event. STOP and check in with what thinking about that event churns up inside. If it’s positive and you are actually looking forward to it then say YES. If it does but you might need some support, such as a baby sitter, then defer your yes while you check into support. You can still say no if necessary.

If, however, the thought of that event causes a panic attack because you don’t want to be around certain people or a rush of anger because of a sense of obligation or expectation then say NO. Politely, of course but decline the invitation. You can have a reason ready if you like but be authentic and truthful.

Say no and you’ll instantly feel relief and you will enjoy those events you do go to that much more!

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Enjoy all the holiday season has to offer!


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