Let The Celebration Begin


by Brent Haydey



Acknowledging victories leads to more victories!

Each and every week my clients check in with me and themselves on their past week’s experience of building their business and living more and more of their path of Entrepreneurial Freedom. The very first thing I ask is to describe their successes and how they celebrated them.

How they celebrated!

For every client, in the early days of working with me, there always seemed to be huge resistance to celebration. Celebration was framed as something that took time and/or money. Both were often described as scarce in the beginning. Celebration was sometimes described as not being deserved. Language such as “well that was no big deal” or “it doesn’t really matter to me”.

Then the part of the check in asking about challenges faced would sometimes take up a page or more!

Do you celebrate your successes? Or do you say the same kinds of things I mentioned above devaluing your need celebration.

We all tend to shift quickly and directly to what is going wrong and is not yet complete. We tend to be very negatively focused and it hurts our progress and our results. 

Why celebrate? It positively affirms your capability, your hard work, and your success. It helps move you from one step, one milestone, one success to the next. Celebrating success and what it delivers is Entrepreneurial Freedom. 

It’s all about conscious acknowledgement. Many feel that it means throwing a wild and crazy party, spending lots of cash and taking time that could be used for more work. It could be this, maybe when a large milestone is successfully completed. Most of the time though it is smaller, much smaller.

When you complete a project and bill for it, deliver tremendous value to a client, get a new client, launch a website, or anything else that moves your business forward one step at a time there is a little voice in your head that says something.

How about having it say… “way to go, you did awesome!”?

That’s celebration!

The powerful step of simple but very conscious and very positive inner dialogue is that it prevents negative self talk from entering into the conversation.

When you are celebrating that voice cannot say “ya but you still have all those other things to do” or “come on, all you did was get one measly client. It not like it makes that much difference.” Of course when these come into the conversation they can act to keep you small and derail you taking your next positive step.

STOP filtering and derailing your success. START CELEBRATING TODAY!




“Remember, life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived, not merely endured!”



Be an advocate of our Entrepreneurial Freedom Revolution and global movement of conscious creators. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you feel would enjoy the content. I appreciate your support in growing our Entrepreneurial Freedom community!


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