How To Re-Ignite Your Passion


by Brent Haydey



Are you doing what you are most passionate about?

Are you doing what you are most gifted at?

If no, WHY NOT?

In this post I will share 3 simple steps to re-ignite your passion leading to the results you want in business and life! 

If you do not wake up every morning excited and passionate about effectively monetizing the intersection between your passions and gifts then proceed through one or more of the following three key changes?

3 Steps to Re-Ignite Your Passion

  1. Delegate and choose your roles carefully – pass things you are not passionate about or gifted at to those who are. You’ll all benefit.
  2. Redesign your biz or career – Reset with the right offerings to the right niche market built around the right lifestyle for you and your family and allow your passion and gifts to flow.
  3. Get out and start over – If you try 1 and 2 and it does not work then it may be time to start over. Better now than never. There will be a transition but you’ll be happier, healthier, and wealthier as a result.

happyIn my first business I was not passionate about our vision, direction, or offerings to our market. I stepped into it focused on money. I thought the money would lead to the dream I had.

For periods of time this felt good and worked out well. There were stretches where I was pulling in over 8K per month myself. Good money, I thought. During one stretch I was focused on making the cash for an upcoming adventure in Central America.

I was not passionate about the work I was doing, nor the clientele I was working with. I was quite competent at doing the work and delivered a very good service. Our clients were always happy. I was not. For many long wintery days it was all I could do to drag my butt out of bed, go into work, work the long day then drag my butt back home to drop on the couch and then do it all over again the next day. My focus remained on my goal of my travels.

I ended up having an amazing adventure for a few weeks BUT then returned back to reality and the same old depressing routine.

I was not happy. It was not sustainable. All that time put in for 3 weeks of bliss. Not worth it.

I remember feeling stuck and thinking things could not be different. Then I shifted.

I began asking “how can things be different?

I eventually went through all 3 of the changes.

  1. Delegate and choose your roles carefully – Initially I delegated the roles that I had no passion for and this helped some. The problem was that I was still not emphasizing my gifts.
  2. Redesign your biz or career – Then, in an attempt to align business and life along a path more suited to my dreams, I moved cities back home and continued to fulfill my role more remotely. Ultimately this wasn’t quite it either.
  3. Get out and start over – In the end I essentially started over. As I began to connect with my passions and see and experience my true gifts I began my new businesses in Entrepreneurial Freedom and Fit4Results.

The intersection between my passion and my gifts appeared and I have been building my business and working to monetize it more and more ever since.

The most important piece is that I am truly excited and engaged when I am working in this element and that means happiness, fulfillment, meaningfulness, and contribution. When these are all in place the money comes.

Check out this 3 minute video explaining in detail the concept of “I align my life and resources around my passions and gifts.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


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