How To Create A Stress Free Holiday Season


by Brent Haydey



Looking for a stress free holiday this year? Do you dread all of the expected obligations others impose on you?

In this post I will share 4 excellent strategies to allow yourself to enjoy the entire holiday season while reducing the stress you might typically succumb to.

Stress Free HolidayEach year the holiday festivities seem to begin earlier and earlier. In the US it all starts once Thanksgiving is done. Here in Canada Black Friday now also seems to launch the shopping season too, although I did notice the first of the holiday decorations, music, and marketing the day after Halloween.

I also notice the invitations to events also gets underway sooner and sooner. My December schedule, especially the weekends, always fills up fast. I want to make sure my family and I can take it all in but also enjoy doing so.

That’s going to mean making some conscious choices and being able to politely say NO.

Is experience similar? Consider these 4 strategies as you plan to take it all in this year. Make this your healthiest, lowest stress, and most enjoyable holiday season yet.

4 Tips To Create A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Tip #1: Say no to parties that you don’t want to attend.

You will be inundated party invitations this holiday season. Many you won’t really want to intend but may do so out of obligation. DON’T.

Find out more here about politely saying NO and why doing so will benefit your health.

Link to Tip #1

Tip #2: Say no to out of control gift giving.

Spending on gifts this year is expected to increase over last year, in spite of the financial situation being a  huge concern the world over.

Read this post to frame the impact obligation and habit have on your health.

Link to Tip #2

Tip #3: Say no to unwanted house guests.

Whether your house is too small, it’s too much a challenge with your kids and other factors, or you just don’t want them, people parachuting in to stay can disrupt you ability to enjoy the season.

Find out how here and learn what to do about it.

Link to Tip #3

Tip #4: Say no to taking on the work of a big holiday celebration.

Doing so because you’ve always done it does not mean it is the right thing to do. Perhaps something different is in order if it serves you and your health better.

See here for why and what to do if you simply cannot let go of this one.

Link to Tip #4


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”



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