How To Battle Burnout With These 10 Steps


by Brent Haydey



battle burnoutNeeding to battle burnout has become alarmingly more prevalent in recent years. It can impact you because of your business, your job, volunteer commitments, or many other aspects of your life. 

The path leading into burnout is an unsustainable one, yet it’s one you might find hard to get off of. In order to battle burnout you must first become clear of where and how it’s impacting your world.

Use this link to take a simple assessment of burnout and imbalance. It will allow you to see more clearly where it is showing up in your world and how significant you feel it is.

Burnout and Balance Assessment

Once you see it then you can do something about it.

Battle Burnout With These 5 Steps For Immediate Impact

Try these first 5 steps to create an immediate shift in your energy, ability to focus, and even the time you reclaim that you can then re-direct to other important things.

Exercise – Just start moving. Movement does two important things. It will help dissipate stress you are holding inside. It will also energize you. If dedicating an hour a day early on feels like too much for your schedule take smaller steps. Find what will work on that first day and in the first week and gradually build up from there. Break it up into more than one chunk of exercise time. Remember battling burnout is more of a marathon than a sprint!

Get enough good quality, restorative sleep – Oh sleep, my personal nemesis. A good nights sleep can literally change your world. It’ll improve your energy, your outlook, and your ability to focus on things that matter. Consider changes to your sleep environment to make it darker, quieter, and cooler. Then consider changes to your sleep habits by going to sleep and waking at similar times every day, including weekends. One more thing is to introduce a wind down routine to move away from screen time and let go of the day so you can fall asleep easier.

Recharge your batteries more often – Take an annual vacation, enjoy a quarterly personal or family retreat, do a monthly or weekly me day, and use energy renewal micro breaks about every 90 minutes every work day. Done right and you will come back from each refreshed, revitalized, and re-focused on what truly matters. 

Start saying NO – One of the most powerful words you can learn to use. Start using it more in a caring yet firm way to reclaim energy, focus, and time in your world.

Disconnect Daily – Set and adhere to boundaries that will benefit you when it comes to notifications from your devices and time distractors like social media or television. Watch what adding as little as an hour a day through disconnecting can give back to your life!

Battle Burnout With These 5 Steps For Lasting Change

Now those first 5 steps will benefit tremendously but they don’t get to the WHY of your burnout, the deeper root cause of it begin there in the first place. Take these next 5 steps and you can overcome your burnout 

Reconnect with your Entrepreneurial Compass  – Have you ever taken the time to become crystal clear of what matters most to your in your world? Have you ever thought about who you are, how you want to show up in your world, the difference you want to make, and the legacy you ultimately want to leave? Are you clear of exactly where you want to be 5 years from now with respect to your business, your career, and your life? 

Doing so on all of these levels will help you set your path an your purpose. It will inspire you and motivate change. You will have the compass to align with as you move forward.

Reassess your goals – Once you know your path and have your compass you can reassess your current goals or set them if you have none. These are the big game changing goals that get you on your path and in alignment with your vision and keep you moving forward on that path.

Reassess your roles and where you spend your time – A part of your process of change to live in alignment with the success you seek and the life you want involves looking at the roles you take on and where you spend your time. Does it align with the vision you have of your business and life? What needs to change?

Celebrate successes – It’s so easy to push aside things once they are done because there is always more to do, right? When you celebrate your successes, especially the small ones, you see that you are making progress and you motivate yourself to take another step. Baby steps leading to larger steps, lead to leaps and bounds. Success breeds more success! Once a week take a moment to check in and accountability look at your past week. Start with celebrating your successes so you can use them to motivate your goals and plans for the week ahead.

Seek support – To battle burnout is not an easy thing to do. You might benefit tremendously from the support of others. If you have a trusted friend or family member, who is not an enabler, you can ask them to be there for you when you need a gentle nudge and to help celebrate your successes. Maybe you’ll need the support of a Coach, who can be that extra set of eyes and ears, ask the hard questions, and keep you moving forward. Perhaps a Therapist or Counsellor is what you need to really get to the heart of the matter. 

As you begin to battle burnout in your world, know that you can win and that you do not need to do it alone. Just remember all you will gain as you overcome it and create powerful change in your world. Contact me to see how I can help.

You got this!


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