How fast do you fall off track?


by Brent Haydey



45% of people make New Years Resolutions!

#1 is to lose weight

#4 is to enjoy life to the fullest

#5 is to stay fit and healthy

3 of the top 5 resolutions are aligned with achieving and sustaining Thriving Health!

Great intentions!

But then things tend to gradually fall off track and you end up back where you started (or worse) and end up doing it all over again next year.


new-years-resolution-appleHere’s the reality!

Percentage of people who fully achieve their resolution – 14%

Number that fail and fall of track within 2 weeks – 29%

Those that don’t last 1 month – 36%

The number of people that cannot sustain their resolution beyond 6 months…


What are you going to do to NOT be one of these statistics and make it stick… FOREVER?

Join me in my Make It Stick Thriving Health workshop and I’ll help you design and launch the active, healthy lifestyle that works in your busy world. You’ll set the solid foundation to build upon all year long so that you live with more and more of the Thriving Health you desire and deserve. You’ll also leave equipped with the tools, strategies, and support to make it stick all year long and beyond.

If you’ve already fallen off track or are struggling with your new years resolution then this workshop is perfectly suited for you.

Remember… life it meant to be embraced, enjoyed, and fully lived; not merely endured!

It’s time to start creating the lifestyle and life that you truly want right now!


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About the Author

Brent Haydey Profile PhotoBeginning with a degree in exercise science and kinesiology, Brent Haydey has evolved over thirty years as an entrepreneur; building four businesses, and as a health, executive, and life coach.
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