How Blame Blocks Thriving Health


by Brent Haydey



Do you automatically lay blame when you fall off track with your Thriving Health?

Does it serve you in actually moving forward to the results you want?

In this post I will share why letting go of blame will lead to the Thriving Health you desire.

Feeling like a victim and laying blame when something goes wrong with your healthy lifestyle efforts is a common north american past time. We’ve all played the game that goes something like this.

  • You start with great intention.
  • Life quickly gets in the way.
  • You blame your job, your boss, a colleague, the traffic, the weather, your kids, your spouse or any number of other external influences.
  • Staying on track become a huge challenge.
  • Then, when you do fall off track, you shift the blame firmly upon yourself.
  • OR, you search for someone or something to “do it for you”.
  • You rely on a quick fix to do it because it’s seems easier, takes less time, and will deliver as promised and it feels too hard to create the REAL change you know you need to.
  • Then, as that inevitably fails, you turn the blame inside and pick up that big stick to beat yourself up even more.
  • You know better but did not do what you needed to. Result – beat yourself up.
  • You started then fell off track. Result – beat yourself up.

It snowballs downward from there.

Enter personal accountability.

Say this out loud…

I am personally accountable for my Thriving Health!

What does that mean…

While you may not control the things that happen to you, you can always choose how you respond.

To say that statement is a HUGE first step. Understanding and acceptance.

Then ask, what choices did I make to co-create this experience in my life. However big or small it was, you did play a role.

Follow that with asking what is my lesson and how can I learn, shift and integrate it into my life moving forward. Being accountable is all about moving forward positively. We all make mistakes. Life does happen. What you do next is the key!

Ask these questions whenever you catch yourself blaming someone or something else or beating yourself up. Remind yourself repeatedly that you are accountable and follow up with consciously accountable actions over and over and over. You’ll begin to set a healthy pattern in your world. A new normal that gradually takes hold. You’ll actually begin to accept your accountable path and believe in your new active, healthy and happy self.

You will become personally accountable for your Thriving Health and your life.

From then on, whenever external stresses arise reconnect with being personally accountable.

From then on, whenever self doubt or the instinctual feeling of beating yourself up arises reconnect with being personally accountable.

Shift back, pat your self on the back instead, consciously choose your healthy, active choice and continue forward.

Control over your Thriving Health and your life as a whole will be firmly back in your conscious hands.

Go on and continue to thrive and enjoy the new you, the real you.

Watch this 2 minute video explaining the concept of accountability further by my coach and mentor, Jay Fiset.

Need help in being accountable and transforming your lifestyle and your life?

I work privately with a maximum of 6 people ready to create real change in their lives. If you’d like to be one of them contact me!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,


Be an advocate of Thriving Health. Please share this to anyone you feel would appreciate receiving this message. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.


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