Flu to Freedom


by Brent Haydey



Would getting the flu hit your bank account hard?

Is your business designed to give you freedom from your business?

In this post I will share an understanding of the need to evolve your entrepreneurial path to create freedom from your business, especially when the need urgently arises.

FluIn mid December my 4 year old daughter came down with a cold that quickly became a respiratory infection. She needed to stay home the week leading up to Christmas break. Enter me as Mr. Mom. Now I’m not a big fan of Treehouse as a babysitter and even if I was it wouldn’t work for very long. If you’ve ever tried to work at home with a child there depending on you for care, fun, and attention WORK DOES NOT GET DONE!

Thankfully she recovered and we had a wonderful family Christmas. Soon after that my wife got hit with a nasty bug going around and was down and out a couple of days. The time I scheduled for my annual review and planning now needed to be changed. 

Shortly after the new year my daughter got the flu and was again home for a week. Finally my immune system could take no more and I succumbed to the same flu bug and the day she went back to the day home I was down and out for a week.

Pretty much a whole month that did not and could not look at all as planned. A somewhat unique set of circumstances and timing but it happened nonetheless.

Appointments needed to be canceled or rescheduled. Events were missed. Work was not done. The new year essentially started two weeks late.

As I am still primarily a freelancer who is required to be there to do the work in order to be paid it wreaked havoc on my world for a short period of time.

Have you experienced this?

What would falling ill, or needing to care for someone who has, mean to you and your ability to earn a living?

What if it was for an extended period of time? Two weeks was long enough but what if it was a month or two or longer? 

What if you had no one else to fall back on for income?

All important questions we each need to awaken to in the design or evolution of your business or career. This forms the First Principle of Entrepreneurial Freedom; AWAKEN.

When you blindly or unconsciously push forward in your business or career perhaps unwilling to awaken to the reality you are headed towards, the trap that awaits will be unavoidable. On the other hand, awaken and see your reality then effective design your business accordingly and those huge traps become mere bumps along your entrepreneurial path.

True freedom comes when you have freedom from your business. That is the freedom to be away, by choice or not, and not lose a beat in revenue generation and earning potential. 

Click here and I’ll show you how I’ll help you create this freedom for you and your business.


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success, 


Be an advocate of Entrepreneurial Freedom and the global movement of conscious creators. Please share this with anyone you feel would enjoy the content. I appreciate your support in growing our community of entrepreneurs!


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