Finding Normalcy In The Uncertainty Of COVID


by Brent Haydey



Finding normalcy in my home office

After 145 days of uncertainty, adjustment, and acceptance day in and day out… finding normalcy was something I needed and was craving. 

To be honest, adjusting to all the changes needed during this pandemic has not been all that hard for me. Unlike some of my colleagues who are making wholesale changes to their businesses out of necessity, mine was already online for the most part and I have actually seen it grow over the past few months. And unlike my extrovert friends who really need a certain level of in person social connection, I’ve been okay quietly being at home most of the time.

But even I have my limits. 

  • Ongoing stats about the pandemic close to home
  • The train wreck escalating in the US with COVID and everything else
  • The train wreck that is our provincial government or our federal government
  • Alarmists all over the internet
  • Or just the constant reminder of all that is happening when I go out in public

It wears on you.

Now don’t get me wrong, when it comes to COVID-19 I’m just fine with wearing a mask and taking necessary precautions. I am okay with not going out to restaurants, except maybe on an open patio. Most indoor things can wait. I am happy with the restrictions that my dad’s long term care facility it taking, even though it means I cannot see him as I would like to. Now, with school about to restart, it’s another thing we’ll all need to focus on as this pandemic persists.

It wears on you.

Finding normalcy began within for me

Originally we resigned to the fact that a summer vacation was not meant to be this year. In hindsight I fell victim to the “that can’t be done” mindset that I so often help my clients move past. We were being told by government, by health officials, and by just about everyone else to stay home, be safe. Good advice. I agree… however it’s the either or mindset. All or none. Black or white. On or off. One extreme or the other.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Not in this COVID-19 pandemic or usually with anything else you are considering in your business or your life. Some form of a middle path is usually a better way that can deliver what you are looking for while also keeping you safe and healthy, as in this case.

The mindset shift is to ask the question “how can this be done?” and then open up to exploring the possibilities. Especially ones you may not have even considered yet. 

That’s exactly what we did and experienced amazing results.

This is how it could be done for me

Finding normalcy on wheelsAll it took was the idea that we wanted to just “be” for a little while. Just be able to be out there somewhere fully living and not have to think at all about it or be bombarded with constant reminders of it… just for a little while. Of course we also wanted to be smart and safe in doing so.

The first idea was to go to Banff. Seemed like the perfect year to explore a part of our own backyard that is treasured by people from around the world. Only they won’t be there this year!!!

Concerns over where to stay? No problem. We rented a cabin with a full kitchen. That limited any connection with others that a hotel would have had. 

Meals? We brought most of our food with meals pre-planned. When we chose to eat out we did so in an open patio on Banff Avenue where no vehicles are currently allowed and masks are required inside and outside, unless you are seated to eat. I’d sure love Banff Avenue to stay that way forever. That would be awesome!

What to do? The ideas are really endless but we focused on riding, hiking, and walking outdoors taking in sites that would normally be crowded with bus loads of international tourists.

The result… 

  • Seeing an amazing corner of the world pretty much all to ourselves.
  • The start of a new found love of mountain biking and hiking for my whole family.
  • Completely letting go of any worries or mental clutter around COVID… just for a while!

Finding normalcy riding the wavesWhile that trip was wonderful it was all about us. We also missed finding normalcy with close friends. Yes, we have been able to share quality back deck time with cohort friends at home, but there was always the near constant reminder of the pandemic and other day to day challenges. We wanted another, but different, form of escape.

So we took on that mentality again of “how could this be done?” and planned our usual summer trip to the Okanagan with our cohort friends. We all got tested (all negative) to start off not worrying about anyone else. We stuck together for the week and limited connection with others.

Where to stay? Once again, fully self contained condos.

Meals? Brought food and pre-prepared them for the most part. Very little need to shop.

What to do? That’s easy when one family has a shiny new surf boat. Every day to ourselves on Lake Kalamalka! In the mornings before boat time it was riding the trail along the lake right up to Vernon or playing some tennis.

The result…

  • Seeing the thrill on my daughter’s face as she got up surfing for the first time, fist pump and all!
  • Me relearning to surf and riding the wave like a pro… or so I thought!
  • Hanging with 3 cohort families and enjoying quality time with little stress.
  • A lot of laughs, a lot of smile, a lot of fun amidst everything else happening in our world.
  • No TV, very little social media and a feeling of finding normalcy for pretty much the whole time there.

This worked wonderfully for me. I came back refreshed, re-energized, ready for whatever the uncertainty of the fall will bring. There will be all of the same negativity out there. People will be as they will be on either end of the extremes. I will reconnect with all that currently IS and make whatever decisions I need to make along with my family based on what we know at this point in time. Then, when it all builds up to the point of feeling like too much, we’ll take the steps of finding normalcy once again in whatever form that needs to be at that time.

I hope this can inspire you to ask that all important question… “how can it be done?” So you can experience your own version of finding normalcy as often as you need to during this pandemic and beyond. Just be safe and stay healthy in doing so!

If you know you need this but don’t know how to make it a reality then contact me. It’s one of many ways I can help you create and live the life you really want.


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