Emotional Energy Renewal When Feeling Down


by Brent Haydey



Emotional Energy RenewalEmotional energy renewal will re-inspire and re-motivate you at times when you’re feeling down and about done! You know, those times when you wish things were different. When you wish you were anywhere but there spinning your wheels at work.

As business owners there can be tough times when it feels like it’s just too much. Times when you are ready to give up and call it a day… forever. Times when you ask yourself “what’s the point?”

We’ve all had them and it’s likely you’ll have more of them. It’s not wrong or unhealthy to second guess yourself, your business or how things currently are. What’s wrong is when you get stuck deep in it and it drags down your performance or productivity at work. Even worse is when you carry it home and have it impact your life away from work.

Here are some examples you might relate to.

On a nice summer day you stare longingly out the window wishing you were out there enjoying it and then shift to see that stack of paperwork waiting to be dealt with. What’s your typical reaction in that moment?

As a key deadline approaches you find yourself caught up in busy work and others urgencies instead of focusing on those important steps that will make all the difference with this deadline. What’s your inner voice saying over and over to you right about now?

You look at your calendar and notice today is the day of your child’s big concert, but find yourself at work instead grinding away. What emotion is running through your mind right now?

You’ve been telling yourself for a long time now that once you get the business to this next milestone then you’ll be able to let some roles go and use time for family. But are you actually getting any closer?

Of course this list of examples is endless. The point is when you experience these triggers you need to recognize them and shift into some form of emotional energy renewal to interrupt that unhealthy pattern of thinking. Why? Well, consider doing nothing different. How well has that worked for you so far? 

It may have led you along the path of full on burnout. These are some of the signs you are in need of an emotional energy renewal.

  • Feeling down, disconnected, and unmotivated
  • Your inner voice is negatively focused in it’s continual chatter
  • You feel irritable, impatient, anxious or insecure
  • You find it difficult to think clearly, logically, and reflectively

As with mental energy renewal, in the moment daily strategies are very effective. Of course there are also strategies done less often, like vacations and personal retreats, that might be needed if your emotional stress accumulates. These solutions are also very useful as a preventative measures on a regular basis.

I believe repeated small pattern interrupts on a consistent daily basis form the easiest and perhaps, most powerful, form of emotional energy renewal. They are all about reconnecting with your deep, motivating, and re-energizing WHYs as often as it is needed. How will you know how often it’s needed?

Do one every time you feel one of those signs coming on or have an experience that leads to feeling one of them.

Steps To Take For An Emotional Energy Renewal

Remove yourself from your working surroundings (ideal but not critical) and then do one or more of the following. This list is not conclusive so use your imagination to create your own steps to renewal.

  • Reconnect with your Entrepreneurial Compass 
  • Reconnect with your deep compelling WHYs (for doing what you’re doing or making the changes you are making)
  • Call a loved one to connect just to say hi, how’s your day going? (Hearing their voice can shift your energy in an instant)
  • Take a moment to express appreciation to someone who needs to hear it from you (filling their bucket will fill your own!)
  • Listen to music that motivates and inspires

Benefit of Emotional Energy Renewal

  • A renewed perspective on what truly matters most
  • A clearer connection with your vision and direction in both business and life
  • Energized and motivated to stay the course through the difficult days
  • Inspired to make the difficult changes towards living a life that truly matters
  • A return to greater focus and increased productivity

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily work. It’s easy to get side tracked by deadlines and so many demands in business. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with other peoples urgencies when your own workload is so full. This is precisely why a strategically taken emotional energy renewal break is so valuable to you and your long term vision.

The one thing I like to do is to begin each day reading my 5 year life vision. In doing so I reconnect instantly with the path that I am on (but sometimes forget because of daily stressors) and find that I am more energized and motivated to begin my day. It’s more of a positive reinforcement for me now but there was a time with I needed to do something like this to bring myself out of a funk that I was in.

Your emotional energy renewal doesn’t need to be long. Perhaps only 2-5 minutes a few times per day is enough. It does need to consistently happen so that you can beat down that feeling that repeatedly surfaces and replace it with a conscious vision and feeling that does inspire and motivate.

Failure to overcome that pathway to burnout will lead to the need for a greater and more difficult process of emotional energy renewal at some point in the future.

These simple steps may be all you need to interrupt the pattern that has been dragging you down, however if you are not confident you can do it yourself then contact me today. My support is perfectly suited to help you re-energize, succeed, and gain the freedom you deserve in business and life.



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