Personal Development
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Coaching to change your life

Personal development empowers you to confront obstacles that discourage actualizing your success. Through expertly designed self-improvement courses, a supportive peer mentorship program, and private coaching; you can live your best life with One Wave Life.

Personal Development Courses

Gain a healthier mindset and a structured plan for personal performance and productivity.

What exactly is standing between you and your ideal life? Expertly designed by One Wave Life Coach, Brent Haydey, our online courses enable you to identify the top priorities for change in your life and develop a cohesive plan to address the hurdles you’ll face along the way.

“As a busy entrepreneur, wife and mother I am the first to admit that there are times when my work/life balance is upset and I lose sight of the bigger picture in why I do what I do. Brent presented valuable information and relatable stories to help me understand how important a vision is and how happiness is more about a holistic viewpoint than “destination thinking”.

– Janice B.

Intro Course: “How To Get Your Life Back”

Gain a healthier mindset and a structured plan for personal performance and productivity.

What could you do with an extra 30 minutes per day, especially with a clear sense of direction? For overworked professionals to stressed-out homemakers, using our 7 Waves of Real Success as a foundation, you can assess your current reality – addressing the most common barriers first, lack of time and clear direction.

Once realized, One Wave Life helps you identify the changes necessary to achieve your dream, create a plan, and integrate it into your existing work-life schedule. It doesn’t stop there. With new personal development courses on the horizon, you can keep your momentum going with real success.

“Throughout the course, I developed an enhanced understanding about how to optimize my health and wellness. From the first session, Brent helped connect my personal goals within his research-informed contextually rich program.”
– Karen S.

One Wave Life Mentorship Program

You aren’t the first to struggle with work-life balance

Do you prosper from group settings and learning from others? A like-minded community offers additional benefits to your self-growth journey. From accountability to effective strategies and tools, collaborative insight from your peers accelerates your process of personal change.

"We cherish abundant wealth and the positive impact it can have BUT not at the expense of our health, family, or our soul. We believe wealth comes as a result or byproduct of real success across our whole lives rather than being the one sole focus. We value creating and experiencing the freedom that allows us to live our ideal lives at work, at home, and beyond.”

– Brent Haydey

What you can expect from peer mentorship

By bringing people with diverse backgrounds but similar core values on the same journey: we learn how to ride the wave of change together. Feel safe asking the questions that follow you around. Seek advice and receive tips from others who may have experienced the waves you’re currently riding. Together, we’ll learn to experience the real success that matters.

What we’re talking about

Topics of discussion include but are not limited to…

  • Your progress through the course, How To Get Your Life Back
  • Health Wave: All about protecting your assets; you and your thriving health
  • Relationship Wave: All about the power of people and rebuilding or nurturing relationships that matter
  • Productivity Wave: All about the essentials that lead to greater success for you, your work, and your life

Private Coaching: Book an Initial Consultation

A one-on-one mentor experience with Brent Haydey

Brent’s private mentoring and coaching is designed to help those serious about significantly changing their approach to work and life. This commitment to the work will create the freedom necessary to experience real success while living your best life. For a select few, this level of support could change your life forever!

What you can expect from private coaching with Brent Haydey

“As a single parent and business owner, my life was hectic and stressful, and my own wellbeing had fallen through the cracks. Brent’s approach to wellness focuses on the individual, and understanding the connections between physical, emotional and psychological.”
– Kathryn W.

What you can expect from private coaching with Brent Haydey

“If you are the type of personality that thrives on well planned schedules but has struggled in their proper design, Brent will be an excellent resource and assistance to help you reach these goals.”
– Mikolaj R.

What you can expect from private coaching with Brent Haydey

“Brent has helped me see that I am the conductor of my symphony and I am the one who chooses which song is being played!”
– Daphne M.

Not ready to reach out just yet?

Start by reading Brent’s vision of the One Wave Lifestyle and his 7 Waves of Real Success, subscribe to the Calm Waters Podcast, or join the One Wave Global peer mentor community. Connect with Brent Haydey while acting on your own terms!