But I’m On Vacation


by Brent Haydey



“But I’m on vacation.”

man-in-hammock3How many times have you used this phrase to rationalize falling off track with your lifestyle for a week or two or three only to find it became a pattern you  woke up from 6 months or more later wondering WHAT HAPPENED!

The lazy hazy days of summer. We all look forward to them. Then there’s that chunk of time heading away for vacation. We let go of our day to day, forget about our job and all that is happening at home and just enjoy the moment.

I love this time as much as the next person, maybe even more. This year I find that I am more acutely aware of the phrase “but I’m on vacation” than ever before. I get caught from time to time in the trap of saying some variation of it (out loud or to myself) or with my actions and non-actions.

I’ve also seen it more and more in others.

When you’re truly living in Thriving Health the active, healthy, and happy path is your lifestyle. It’s your life. It’s who and how you are now. It’s not a program you are following to some end point. It’s not something you stop and start at any given time, such as vacation. It is not something external to you.

This is the acceptance we all must get to on our journey of Thriving Health. If not the struggle of on again, off again will persist forever.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your favorite indulgences. You just need to frame them right as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

You can enjoy a shift in your physical activity while on vacation. Perhaps it’s less structured exercise and more recreation and physical activity. Imagine what you can do to stay active while away and then consciously shift back upon return home.

Sweets, treats, and other nutritional indulgences? This is where most people crash and crash hard while on vacation. Restaurant eating, desserts, snacking on the beach, evening beverages, the ice cream stand! It can get very easy to over eat with less than ideal choices.

Conscious choice is your key to healthy eating. It’s not much different than at home. Letting the language of rationalization such as “but I’m on vacation” can blindly lead to repeatedly poor choices. Stocking your camper, hotel, or condo with poor choices will lead to unconscious overeating of them. The influence of others is strong during this time.

Stock healthfully. Consciously choose when you want a treat. Last night we walked to the ice cream stand making it a clear conscious choice.

Shift your language. Catch and stop the rationalizing phrases such as “but I’m on vacation”. Replace it with one that frames occasional indulgences as a healthy part of your overall lifestyle.

Respectfully say NO. Enjoy your indulgences occasionally but claim your power of saying no too. Remind yourself about your Thriving Health lifestyle and what it gives you to stay inspired and on track.

Enjoy your vacation and remember…

“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your health,


Be an advocate of Thriving Health. Forward this to anyone you feel would appreciate receiving this message. Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.


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