But I Could Never Do That


by Brent Haydey



A few weeks ago I mentioned that my wife Gail and I were going to enter the City Chase; a scaled down within your city version of the TV show The Amazing Race.

Ready To Chase!

I also invited you all to enter and participate with us or in your own city. I wonder if you had an instant thought such as “but I could never do that”. Was it followed immediately by a feeling of panic, fear, resentment, shame, sadness, or some related emotion as you imagined the possibility of such an event?

If you’ve been struggling in releasing weight, in achieving Thriving Health, or in putting your SELF last and your enjoyment on hold for all kinds of reasons then having this experience is probably all too common.

We both had some of these feelings before the event and during it too. Unfortunately this language and these feelings left unchecked can derail a whole lot of fun while benefiting your healthy lifestyle too.

We love watching the Amazing Race and have often imagined chasing all over the world doing all kinds of wild and crazy things. We thought this local version would be a fun way to experience some of that vision. We’d do it together, bond through the experience and have memories to talk about for years to come.

My best bootcamp impression.

It's Fuhr, no Dubnyk, no wait, It's Gail!


Are we too old? Are we fit enough? How hard will it be? Who will watch our daughter? We shouldn’t ask someone to take her for a whole day. What if we fight? That show tends to bring out the worst in some people.

I’m sure Gail had some others of her own.

Each question. Each feeling; an excuse and nothing more.

We reconnected with why we really wanted to do it and the fun we’d have then addressed each fear to plan how to address it then move forward.

Strategizing Our Transit Plan

Our goal was to finish, not win (this time). We could walk, not run. Even better we could be smart and effectively use transit and strategize our route. Fitness would not be a factor. Our daughter would have a blast all day with her cousins and her aunt loved the opportunity to care for her. Done! Fighting, well we each asked for the type of support we wanted from the other and committed to say if things were not happening that way.

During the event we could simply say NO if it was too strenuous or too weird. We could rest. We could ask for support of organizers or other teams. We did all those and we chose to stretch a bit and enjoy without worrying what anyone thought. It added to the experience.

Martial Arts Experts. Right!

Now maybe the City Chase is not your thing. No problem. Whether it’s a 5K, 10K, triathlon, corporate challenge event with work, zumba class, yoga, crossfit, or bootcamp or something else it’s all the same.

Most everyone has the potential to do most everything. If not right now then in the future with some preparation. It starts with catching yourself saying “but I could never do that” and stopping for a moment to really address why you think that.

Slow and steady made easy means you can choose your pace, your approach, the support you need before or during, progressions in the moment or towards an event in the future or whatever leads you into fun and healthy action.  The more you do the more you will …..

Release weight, achieve thriving health and begin living your Ideal Life TODAY!

Yours in health,



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