Become Sustainable First


by Brent Haydey



Do you have the tendency to get stuck feeling your dream is beyond your reach?

Are you overwhelmed by mounting financial pressures leaving you firmly focused on your to do list to try to quickly resolve them?

In this post I will share two ways to shorten the gap between day to day urgent feeling tasks and your seemingly distant dream.

The key is becoming SUSTAINABLE FIRST on your path of achieving FREEDOM.

Ask yourself this question.

“Does your current income deliver a life and lifestyle you are TRULY happy with?”

If the answer is yes, that’s wonderful, keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy your business or career and life. Continue to evolve and grow while you embrace your success.

If, however, money or time or both are stressful factors in your business, career and life read on and get unstuck so you too can answer yes to that question soon.

Several years ago, in the earlier phase of my entrepreneurial career, I created a treasure map of my dream. I had a clear vision. I hung that map just above my computer in my office and often stared at it longingly. It was a perfect vision for where I wanted to be.

Two problems.

First was that too often it raised my stress and feelings of failure because of how far off I was from living my dream.

Second was that it was a destination rather than my evolving path or journey.

I felt until I reached the destination I had not succeeded. The gap kept me feeling this way, questioning my actions as not being good enough, raising stress, and ultimately limiting the very progress I felt I needed to make.

todolistWhen the stress mounted I’d immediately shift over to my to do list. Urgency addition! Getting things done would get me closer to my dream, right? Wrong!

Getting the right things done was what was needed to get me on the path of living my dream.

As I focused on urgent things, the important ones, the ones that would really make a huge difference in progressing my dream, always got bumped. Next week. Always next week. But next week would bump to the week after because the urgent list always grew even larger.

Why was I firmly focused on the urgency of the to do list? 

Like so many wellness entrepreneurs the income I was earning at the time was low. It was not at a level that would sustain me over the long haul.

Even today wellness professionals, such as personal fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and massage therapists, continue to earn wages that are not enough to live sustainably, let alone place them on a path of being free.

Statistics Canada’s recently released revised data shows that household market debt has risen to 163% of disposable income.

I don’t think that my ratio was that high but I was spending more than I was earning and it increased the pressure I felt to urgently do SOMETHING to earn more cash. Urgency combined with anxiety. I was a mess. I was searching for the quick fix. I was choosing hit and miss solutions hoping for the home run. They usually missed.

The path I was on was not sustainable. It could not work. It did not work. I get now that I needed to make a huge shift in my approach. I just couldn’t see it while completely immersed in the overwhelming list and the mounting stress.

Therein lies one of the severely limiting positions of the entrepreneur. I did not have an effective business model or strategy to fill the gap between day to day actions and my dream. I was blind to the need for it. I had no one to talk to. My wife, girlfriend at the time, did not really understand the entrepreneurial mindset. Most of my friends had jobs and didn’t understand my stresses, my needs, nor my approach to business, career or life in general. I felt alone having to figure it out by myself. Of course, being stuck in my own stuff really prevented that from occurring. I needed help.

Eventually I found it through two different means. The first was to find and begin to work with a mentor and coach who was also an entrepreneur. He got it. He got me. He helped me establish a plan. That plan enabled me to maintain my vision of my dream but also create a strategy beyond my old urgency addiction ways that would deliver significant progress, one vital step at a time.

The second was joining a small group of like minded and like visioned entrepreneurs. Each was at a different place in the growth of their business, career, and life. Each came with different skills, experiences, connections, ideas. Each had different blocks, barriers, and needs. Together we grew, bonded, supported each other, overcame issues, felt free to talk, be open, and to ASK for the specific support we each needed. It was and continues to be a powerful experience for me in continuing my personal growth and in evolving the success of my business. I no longer felt alone!

Become Sustainable First!

Get the support to understand and close the gap between day to day and your dream. It sets your path of freedom. It takes off the urgency pressure. With proper support it will lead to continued growth of living more and more of your dream every day.

Did you know that in the past 10 years nearly as many small businesses exited the market as were newly formed. That’s about a 90% failure rate. Of the survivors, only half continue to exist beyond 5 years.

Solid and sustainable businesses are built with clear conscious strategies to grow organically, gradually delivering more and more of your dream every day.

Did you know that the average net worth of each Canadian is $193,500. Do you know your net worth? It’s the true measure of your wealth!

I suspect most wellness entrepreneurs (whether employee, freelance consultant, or biz owner) have net worth’s much lower than the national average. This needs to change.

Growing your net worth involves becoming sustainable first.

Here’s how I can help you bridge the gap and become sustainable first.

If private coaching support resonates most click here!

If small group, professionally led, highly structured support resonates most click here!


“Life is meant to be embraced, enjoyed and fully lived, not merely endured!”

To your success,


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